Department History

The ACT Department was created out of the previous communication department in January 2005. The Communications, Education, and Training Department has always been part of the College of Technology, Engineering, and Management, previously known as the School of Industry and Technology (SIT).

The CET Department was a merger of staff from Graphic Communications, Photography (part of the School of Liberal Studies), and Industrial and Marketing Education. Faculty and staff were housed in several buildings across campus and were merged together in the Communications & Technologies Building.

It was difficult for the various disciplines to come together as one with limited budget, space and facilities. Everyone had to learn to work together for the good of the department and when they did, they couldn't help but get along.

The move was accomplished only after the University finished the remodeling of the current building. Before the new Student Center was built, the Union was located here with the cafeteria in what is now classroom 224 and the Pawn was the whole south side of the first floor.

Like the rest of the University, the CET Department has a rich history. We've all seen changes, moves, and remodeling. The CET Department grew up during these times and is now a great department to work with.