What is Marriage and Family Therapy?

A family

Conclusive research shows that most people under mental or emotional strain benefit from therapy.  While everyone recognizes MFT as the treatment of choice for couple, child and family issues, it is also effective for a host of more "individual" issues.  MFT is as effective as other therapy approaches.  In some cases it is more effective with mental health, some medical issues, and many child, spousal/partner and family problems. It is one of the most common approaches used today. Also called "systems" or "relational" therapy, MFT attends to the quality of interactions between individuals and their interpersonal (e.g.: couple/family), social (e.g.: school, work, legal, medical, religious, governmental, etc.) and personal (e.g.: cognitive, emotional, behavioral, physical) health. Improvements are more lasting and benefit everyone when they are rooted in safe, supportive and equitable relationships at home and in the community.

This is the heart of MFT!

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