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410 Bowman Hall
Phone: 715/232-2468
Fax: 715/232-2111

We are unable to schedule appointments via e-mail.

Please call or stop by our office to schedule.

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8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

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Eligibility and Costs

Confidential counseling services are available free of charge to currently enrolled students. Some fees are associated with Testing and Alcohol & Other Drug Education services.


All counseling records are kept confidential, and are not part of university records. With rare exceptions, no information is released to anyone outside the Counseling Center, including other university offices, faculty, staff, or parents without written consent. Exceptions to confidentiality include life-threatening situations (i.e., when someone is deemed to be an imminent danger to harm themselves or others; or in cases of suspected child abuse) or appropriate court order. In these cases, Counselors may disclose information to protect a client or others from harm, or to comply with legal mandates. Counseling Center staff members may share information with each other for the purposes of consultation and training.

Making the Most of Counseling

  • Attend all of your scheduled counseling sessions, or let your counselor know if you have to miss.
  • Honestly and openly voice your thoughts and feelings in counseling.
  • Between sessions, think through the concerns you are addressing and write down what you want to focus on during your next session.
  • Complete any counseling homework that your counselor suggests.
  • Experiment with new and positive ways of doing things and thinking about things.
  • Give your counselor feedback about how counseling is going.