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Mission and Values

The Counseling Center is a SAFE SPACE for individuals of all ethnicities, abilities, religions, sexual orientation, physical appearance/size, and gender identities.

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Coping with Tragedy, Trauma and Death

Use these resources to help understand your reactions and begin the healing process whenever tragedy, trauma, or death impact your life, go to: Coping with Tragedy, Trauma and Death

Online Screening Questionnaires

Receive feedback about your mood, anxiety, eating habits, alcohol/drug use and more. All assessments are anonymous and confidential.

Personalized for UW-Stout

  • SCREENING FOR MENTAL HEALTH - mood (depression, bipolar), anxiety, and eating disorder screening
  • Alcohol/Drug assessments - receive personalized feedback about your alcohol and marijuana use
Other assessments
  • Psych Central - Assessment of mental health symptoms, relationships, sexuality, and other issues
  • ULifeline Self-eValuator - A mental health self-assessment developed to provide insights into your (or a friend's) current state of mind

*Note: If the results of an online screening suggest further assessment by a professional, please consider scheduling an appointment with one of our counselors for this purpose.

Public Speaking Anxiety

Public Speaking Anxiety - Public speaking anxiety, often referred to as speech anxiety or stage fright, involves a central fear of being scrutinized or evaluated by others. This fear is often accompanied by a variety of physical and emotional reactions that can significantly interfere with a person's ability to successfully give a speech or presentation, including intense feelings of anxiety, worry, nervousness, trembling or shaking, sweating, and/or dizziness. You can use this step-by-step process to overcome public speaking anxiety.

Topical Information

Get information about developmental and mental health issues, their unique features and various self-help and professional treatment options. Great information for yourself or someone you care about, and for completing class assignments on mental health topics.

  • Stress Recess - an interactive stress management website with a guided program or explore on your own. If you click the explore on your own, it gives you a table of contents. Take a few minutes to view the fight or flight movie, which is a great explanation of anxiety and is really quite clever. Also under fight/flight is a video game that teaches you about stress hormones, called The Incredible Voyage Game. Most of the sections in the Level 1 Beginner have some type of animation or audio, so it is kind of interesting. In the Intermediate Section, it is definitely worth checking out the Anxiety Spiral, which teaches you how to intervene early in the cognitive processes about worry. It is a choose your own adventure style game. There are 3 videos that teach you how to do diaphragmatic breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, and some different yoga routines. Check it out!
  • Love is Respect - Relationships can be healthy, unhealthy, abusive or somewhere in between. Explore Love is Respect to learn what dating looks like, ways to respect your partner's needs and how to communicate effectively.
  • Student Health 101 - online health and wellness magazine, tailored to UW-Stout
  • Transition Year - an online resource center to help parents and students focus on emotional health before, during and after the college transition.
  • ULifeline - confidential, online resource center for college student mental health and emotional well-being. Includes fact sheets, student polls, personal stories, and internet links to additional information
  • Half of Us - a project between ULifeline and mtvU that includes videos of your favorite artists and other students sharing how they've coped with mental health issues
  • Virtual Pamphlet Collection - informational pamphlets on topics relevant to students (e.g., relationships, test-taking, study skills, eating issues, depression, anxiety, abuse, etc.), from college and university counseling centers around the country. Indexed by topic area
  • Resources for Veteran Students and their Families - put together by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
  • National Institute of Mental Health - Information about the signs and symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of the most common mental disorders, including depression, generalized anxiety, PTSD, panic disorder, ADHD, eating disorders, social phobia, and more
  • Psych Central - Links to professionally reviewed internet resources, articles, books, and support groups for a variety of developmental and mental health issues, including relationships, self-esteem, abuse, anxiety, grief & loss, depression, etc. Indexed by topic area
  • American Psychological Association Help Center - APA's online resource for brochures, tips and articles on the psychological issues that affect your physical and emotional well-being
  • National Mental Health Association - Fact sheets covering mental health topics from the oldest and largest nonprofit mental health organization
  • Rx List, The Internet Drug Index - Comprehensive online information about prescription medications

Meditation/Relaxation Resources

Use these resources to reduce stress and to increase awareness, presence, and well-being, go to: Mindfulness and Meditation

Online Advice/Support

Locate online advice/support to ask questions, participate in discussion boards, and receive advice/support from both professionals and persons coping with a variety of physical and mental health concerns.

  • Go Ask Alice - Maintained by Columbia University Health Education Program, "Alice!" contains hundreds of responses to questions posted anonymously by college students about relationships, emotional health, sexuality, alcohol and other drugs, fitness, nutrition, and general health
  • Psycho-Babble - Online support groups and message boards on topics including grief, substance abuse, general support, psychological treatment issues,
  • Psych Central - online support/discussion groups for people coping with mental health and relationship issues medication issues (specific to mental health), and others
  • National Students AMF Support Network - dedicated to supporting college students coping coping with the illness or death of a loved one.

Light Therapy for Seasonal Depression

“Do you believe you suffer from The Winter Blues? The Counseling Center offers trial use of a light therapy lamp for treating Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and related mood conditions. Daily, 30-minute sessions for a 2-week period are typically recommended for an adequate trial. No screening is necessary, but prior to the first session you will be asked to read instructions outlining how to use the lamp safely and effectively. If interested in scheduling, call 232-2468, or come into the Counseling Center in 410 Bowman Hall.”

For more information on SAD, see

Local Information & Resources

Explore local resources including online information, books, brochures, and other resources accessible to students.

*Note: Most of these links on this page are not maintained by the Counseling Center or UW-Stout. They may be helpful but are not meant to replace consultation with a professional counselor. UW-Stout students should contact the Counseling Center for information about local resources. For help in evaluating the credibility of Web sites that provide mental health advice and to safeguard your privacy on the Internet, go to

The counseling center is interested in maintaining a web site that is useful to our campus community. This site and related resources are not intended to substitute for help from a qualified counselor, nor does this web site provide online counseling.