Help Myself with Eating Disorder

Ways Help Yourself

  1. Realize you are not bad or weak because you may need help.
  2. Seek the assistance of a caring professional, early intervention can prevent extensive medical treatment/hospitalization.
  3. Give yourself permission to sort out your feelings. You have the right to feel angry, to feel loved, and to express your feelings. Begin to share with a trusted person/support group.
  4. Remember that food is not the problem. Feeling pre-occupied with food or weight means something else is going on. Contrary to what you think, you will not be overwhelmed by your feelings and you can learn to handle them.
  5. Stop playing games. You are entitled to eat.
  6. Reduce self-criticism, being human means making mistakes.
  7. Exercise to improve your physical and mental health. Give yourself permission to do so without judgment.
  8. De-emphasize physical appearance as a major means of self-definition. Learn to trust, listen and accept your body.
  9. Read about eating disorders and use self-help materials.
  10. Consider enrolling in a Women's Studies course, or an Assertiveness Training Course that's offered for credit.

More Information

NOTE: Many of these links are not maintained by the Counseling Center or UW-Stout. They may be helpful but are not meant to replace consultation with a professional counselor. UW-Stout students should contact the Counseling Center for information about local resources.