Things to Do Instead of Bingeing

Quick List

  • Learn to relax and slow down by using exercise, yoga and meditation.
  • Practice new behaviors and activities during the early evening hours, such as self-improvement classes and hobbies.
  • Change old rules, such as "no eating in the car".
  • Remove binge foods from the house and car.
  • Just eat, without combining reading, working, watching television, etc.
  • Talk to yourself: What is the pay off for bingeing this time? What isn't working? What do I need that I'm not getting?
  • Leave the binge environment, especially when frustrated, under pressure, stressed, or bored.
  • Get enough rest and expand positive relationships.
  • Take deep breaths, close your eyes, picture yourself in a field or at a beach. Turn on quiet music; any method of relaxation helps.
  • Begin an enjoyable task or project immediately after eating a meal.
  • Carry food to work rather than buying it there. Pack healthy, satisfying food.
  • Call a friend who knows about your problem and have him/her just listen.
  • Learn your triggers, learn your danger zones.
  • Work on your perfectionism. It's okay not to be perfect about every external matter.
  • Getting on the scale doesn't help, it's what's inside that counts.

More Information

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