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Presentations available

Speaking Out” is an outreach program developed and organized by UW-Stout’s Counseling Center. Our professional staff members are
available to present on a wide variety of mental health, wellness, and
self-care topics aimed at students and the campus community.

Faculty and teaching staff, if you are looking to supplement your
course content, aide in student health and wellness, or don’t want to
cancel your class call us today!

*For planning purposes please schedule two or more weeks in advance. Thank you

To schedule a presentation, please contact:

Dr. Grant Bauste, Outreach Coordinator
Phone: 232-2468; email: bausteg@uwstout.edu
Alcohol  Alcohol Facilitated Sexual Assault

This program will offer an open discussion about rape myths that deal with alcohol as an intoxicant in sexual assault cases. Sexual assault laws in Wisconsin will also be presented.


Cyberstalking & Online Safety

Cyberstalking is analogous to traditional forms of stalking in that it incorporates persistent behaviors that instill fear and anxiety. Images and information posted can have negative impacts on students’ personal safety or reputation. Primary ways in which cyperstalking occurs are presented, including email stalking and online chat communities. Methods are also presented to help counter cyberstalking, including personal protection, technical fixes, campus and community resources, and cyberstalking laws and legislation.


Facebook/Myspace Safety

During this presentation you will learn about safety precautions for participating in on-line communities. We will also address the negative and positive outcomes of using these communities.


He Said, She Said: Consent & Campus Sexual Assault

Critical examination and interactive discussion of myths and facts associated with college student sexual assault. Accompanying DVD will be used to facilitate class discussion.

Note: The DVD includes sensitive subject matter about personal experiences of sexual assault that may be difficult for some participants to watch. Consequently, presenters will inform participants about this subject matter prior to showing the DVD so they may make an informed choice about whether they wish to view it. Presenters will also be available to talk with participants in private after class if requested or needed

Is Your Relationship Healthy?

What are the components of a healthy relationship? This interactive program offers students with an opportunity to consider a variety of relationships in their lives (friendships, family, dating partners) and identify the characteristics of healthy vs. unhealthy relationships. A model for healthy and safe relationships is discussed.


Your Problem, My Problem

Concepts of the bystander effect, identifying and reducing social barriers, and intervening to assist others involved in dangerous or abusive situations. A variety of scenarios and role plays are included to facilitate student learning, interest, and interactive discussion.


Ask a Question, Save a Life

Suicide is the second leading cause of death among college students. The good news is that most suicides can be prevented if concerned others learn to recognize the risk factors, develop comfort asking about suicidal thoughts, and know where to send someone for help. Participants in this presentation will leave with practical knowledge for helping others who might be at risk for suicide.


Be a Quitter…Just This Once

Want to quit smoking? The focus of this presentation will be the latest information on health risks of smoking and practical tips for both planning a quit attempt and maximizing the chances of success. Resources for additional assistance will also be shared.


Count to 10 and…

This presentation addresses concepts of stress theory, fight or flight reaction, conflict resolution, and prioritizing time to help reduce stress and procrastination.


Body Image Strategies for Fitness and Weight Loss

This presentation will look at body dissatisfaction among college students. Strategies for improving body image will also be discussed in the context of making healthy fitness and weight loss goals. Psychological barriers to achieving these goals will also be reviewed.


Starving in Silence

This program offers an opportunity discusses body image concerns, disordered eating, and exercise behaviors that are unique to males. The view that body image and eating concerns are a female phenomena is also challenged. At risk populations, contributing factors, and coping skills are discussed. An interactive male media analysis can also be included.


Speak Up When it Counts

Concepts and benefits of self-assertion will be discussed, including the distinction between assertion and aggression, strengthening personal boundaries, and stating needs and wants to others with confidence. Experiential activities will be used to provide application of these concepts.


Watch Your BAC

This 50-minute program provides alcohol safety skills training in a non-threatening and entertaining format. The program is presented by a team of peer educators and has been extremely well received by students and instructors. The curriculum includes power point slides, handouts, and a worksheet that participants turn in to verify that completed an assignment.


Think Outside the Box

Critical examination, interactive discussion, and class activities focused on the topic of gender roles and challenging gender stereotypes.