Alcohol and Marijuana Self Evaluation

e-CHUG and e-TOKE

For those who drink, For those who smoke.

Do you ever wonder about your alcohol or marijuana use, or the use of someone close to you? Typical questions:

  • Is my use normal for an average UW-Stout student?
  • How much would be too much?
  • Is my use creating problems in my life?
  • How will I know if I am getting too close to the edge?

If you've asked these questions, you're not alone. A lot of students have benefited from receiving factual feedback about their alcohol or marijuana use. This helps people to evaluate risks and make changes if they choose to do so.

Answers to the above questions are just a click away at e-CHUG Online Alcohol Self Test and e-TOKE Online Marijuana Self Test, two self evaluation web sites from San Diego State University. These are secure web sites that provide immediate, confidential and personalized feedback about your particular alcohol and marijuana use patterns. The online surveys are:

  • Anonymous and confidential,
  • Quick to complete (about 10 minutes),
  • Non-judgmental - no “diagnosis” is suggested, and
  • FREE for UW-Stout students.

So go ahead. Click on the links and follow the instructions.