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"I Step Up!" is UW-Stout's campaign to bring awareness and education to students and the community regarding the bystander intervention.

What is the bystander intervention?

  • Bystander intervention refers to how people respond to situations in which a stranger may need help.
  • The more people witnessing a potentially dangerous situation, the less likely it is that an individual will help the victim.
  • Many people diffuse the responsibility of the situation in hopes that another bystander will take action.
  • Research has shown that 80 % of the time, people step up and help when they are alone. However, when others are present, people only help 20 % of the time.

How can you make a difference using the bystander intervention?

  1. Notice: Is there a problem?
  2. Interpret: What are the red flags?
  3. Decide: Should you take responsibility?
  4. Know: What skills are necessary?
  5. Implement: Step up and intervene.

There are two types of intervention:

  • Emergency
    • Direct
      • Take his or her keys away and drive the person home
      • Remove the person from the situation
      • Administer CPR
    • Indirect
      • Call 911
      • Seek help from a professional
      • Enlist the help of others
  • Non-Emergency
    • Direct
      • Talk to the person about the problem
      • Take one person aside and distract them from the situation
    • Indirect
      • Speak to a coach, administrator, trusted advisor or the Counseling Center about the problem or for advice

A recent survey showed that 70 % of UW-Stout students "step up" and say something when someone needs help!