MFSN - Internship

Minority Faculty and Staff Minority Leadership Intern Purpose

The University of Wisconsin-Stout Chancellor's Minority Intern Leadership Development Award is an investment in advancing Minority Faculty and Staff who have demonstrated outstanding performance and show promise for continued leadership contributions to UW-Stout.


One or more minority faculty/staff member(s) per year may be funded to participate in a significant leadership development opportunity on campus within their current organizational unit or other similar programs in cross institutional units as approved by the Chancellor's Office.
(Note: Tuition is not eligible.)


The minority faculty/staff member must be employed full-time at UW-Stout and currently be engaged in administrative leadership pursuits, or show a commitment and willingness to be engaged in administrative pursuits, which contribute to the UW-Stout academic mission.


The goal of this program is to provide a stipend related to the individual leadership program development and University funds shall cover 75% of the associated costs During participation in the program, the staff member's current salary remains the same as before, without overload payment nor penalty to salary.

Application: submit all application materials electronically to Research Services (Note for forward to MFSN)
The two page application must include the following information:

  1. Describe your past, current and potential contributions in leadership at UW-Stout.
  2. Identify the specific program area unit or department (including level); describe the rationale for selecting this program and the anticipated impact on campus. Please indicate the dates of the program. (For planning purposes, it is anticipated that the participation in the program may be one or two years out)

Additional attachments to application:

  1. Leadership Development Plan (including area, unit, department)
  2. Statement of intended outcomes/impact to University
  3. Statement of intended outcome/impact to personal professional development
  4. One-page vita
  5. A letter from your Supervisor indicating their support of the application.



Selection Process and Due Date

  1. The program is currently on hold; application deadline TBD
  2. The Chair of the MFSN, in consultation with members of a committee appointed by the Chair to include MFSN members and Chancellor’s or Provost designee, will determine the selection.
  3. An applicant's attendance at the selected program is further contingent upon the acceptance of their application into the specific leadership program.


A written report will be submitted to the Chancellor, the appropriate division head and Research Services, followed by a presentation to Chancellor's Advisory Council. Frequent up-dates should also be provided to MFSN