Marketing Leadership Team

Marketing Leadership Team and University Identity Standards Committee

This site contains the working documents and group writing area for the Marketing Leadership Team and the university identity committee (these groups' membership overlaps).

You may use the comment form if you wish; your comments will appear on this page if you do. This site is closed to anyone but the members of the Marketing Leadership Team. Documents for the group are linked below. If you have a document to add, please email it to Barbara Button (buttonb).


Team Member Comments

Cherie Grandt says: Current marketing related projects that might interest you are:
Discovery Tour mktg (Nov 18)
Webcast on Environmental Scanning for Adult & Continuing Education (Nov 19) from noon-1:30 in Millenium room 212
Discovery Center website
Discovery Center branding & mktg materials
Discovery Center mktg plan
Emma header and footer redesign
Qualtrics header to match Emma redesign
McNair Scholars logo and materials
Journal of Student Research designs
Student Research Week/Gala mktg
Commonspot transition
Online MS Education and related certificate programs redesign and mktg
Online MS Technology Education mktg
ReBAR Directory mktg
Online Gaming Certificate mktg
Pronto Spanish mktg
Personal Investing mktg
Career & Tech Ed programs redesign & mktg
ARC Modules mktg (Jan 2010)
Six Sigma Modules mktg (Feb 2010)
Confucius Institute mktg (Spring 2010)
Manufacturing Advantage Conf mktg (Apr 2010)
T&D Summit mktg (Apr 2010)
Courage to Teach mktg (Apr 2010)
Early Childhood Conf mktg (Apr 2010)
National Rural Institute (June 2010)
Polytechnic Summit mktg (July 2010)
Credit Catalog (Summer 2010)
Apprentice Dunn County mktg (Summer 2010)

Maureen Carlson says: Current marketing related projects that I am working on include:
Poster Series highlighting current students and graduates of various programs

Ads for Billboards, WEAU and Minnesota Monthly

Poster series for MS in Applied Psych

Wed Identity Program and templates for the Web

Video Project for STEM

Inspiring Innovation landing page

RFP for Web Site Redesign

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