Renee Chandler, Interim Director
715.232.1666, Swanson Library Learning Center 208

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Renee serves as interim director for both Stout Online and the Graduate School. As interim director for Stout Online, she acts as an advocate for systematic coordination of customized instruction programs within the university and generally oversees the unit operation.

Amy Gullixson, Interim Associate Director
715.232.2253, Voc Rehab 140G

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Amy manages all personnel, programs and budgets for Stout Online, as well as serving as the Customized Instruction liaison with the other campus service areas (i.e. library, student business services, advising, and registration). She also works collaboratively with staff, faculty, program directors, and administrators for customized instruction courses and programs. She provides advisement and support to students, faculty, staff, and program directors on all matters related to Customized Instruction.

Sandy White, Program Manager
715.232.1610, Voc Rehab 140E

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Sandy works closely with the program directors to, manage course sequences, staffing, marketing and other needs in support of Credit Outreach programs.

Ann Zielieke, Course Set-up
715.232.2698, Voc Rehab 140

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Ann is responsible for the overall coordination of customized instruction course set-up and maintenance activities in PeopleSoft.

Darci Ward, Registration Support
715.232.5167, Bowman 109

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Darci provides registration and records support to distance education, credit outreach and customized instruction students.

Vicki Anderson, Registration Support
715.232.2485, Bowman 109

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Vicki provides registration and records support to distance education, credit outreach and customized instruction students.

Toni Burger, Office Support
715.232.2693, Voc Rehab 140

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Toni provides phone, mail and other office functions necessary to support the UW-Stout Online and Credit Outreach office. She also coordinates course resources for Customized Instruction sections.

Barb Larrabee, Budget Manager and Instructor Support
, Voc Rehab 140

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Barb manages all budget processes for the Credit Outreach unit. She also initiates, processes and tracks all documentation for instructor payroll, including instructor contracts and payment, accommodation of instructor special needs, and instructor travel.

Office Information

Credit Outreach
221 10th Avenue E, Suite 140
Menomonie, WI 54751

Office Hours:
8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Monday - Friday.