bessert_webDr. Michael Bessert
Instructor for: Ichthyology
Michael received his doctorate in Biological Science from University of Nebraska. His interests include fish evolution, systematics and conservation, as well as other molecular genetic-based investigations. Michael is currently working on a study of molecular systematics, population genetics and phylogeography in the North American freshwater blue sucker, a group that inhabits large rivers in the Mississippi, Rio Grande and Mobile basins of North America. 
Michael Bessert, PhD, Department of Biology, University of Wisconsin-Stout, or 715.232.2559

bower1Julie Bower
Instructor for: Exploring Photography and Nature Photography
Julie is a freelance photographer and artist with a spirit for adventure and creative nature. She specializes in outdoor, nature photography and holds an MS in Media Technology. Julie teaches Exploring Photography at University of Wisconsin-Stout.
Julie Schlosser-Bower, Department of Apparel and Communication Technologies, University of Wisconsin-Stout, or 715.232.1311

price_webRob Price
Instructor for: Responsive/Interactive Drawing - Approval Pending

Rob received his bachelor’s degree at Miami University and went on to pursue graduate and post-graduate studies in art education and art history.  Rob is retired from University of Wisconsin-Stout after 30 years of service teaching painting, drawing and printmaking.  Influenced by abstract artists like Richard Diebenkorn and Francis Bacon, Rob uses the mix of figures and abstractions, as well as mixed media, in his painting. 
Rob Price, Department of Art and Design, University of Wisconsin-Stout, or 715.309.2038