Student Testimonial

I have a Bachelors degree and have taken numerous workshops related to Human Resources, but I wanted to return to school to solidify that base of knowledge necessary to really be educated in the fundamentals and laws of HR. Because of where I live and my work schedule, it just was not feasible for me to physically attend a university. I discovered the UW-Stout Human Resource Management Certificate program while looking for educational opportunities. After researching the program, I decided it looked like a good fit for me. The two things that I was most nervous about was working online and not having a connection with professors and classmates. Learning to use the online system has gone much smoother than I anticipated and the professors have been very attentive to any e-mails or questions I may have. In addition, the discussion forums really allow for an opportunity to ‘talk’ to my classmates and get feedback. I am already using concepts I’ve learned in my workplace. I am so glad I decided to take this step and further my education. This was definitely the right choice for me.

Amy Lynch
City of Antigo, Wisconsin