Ruth Harris

Ruth Harris is the Director of the Northwest Reading Clinic, Ltd. in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Ms. Harris is a specialist in Attention Deficit Disorders, Reading and Learning Disabilities, and Emotional Disturbance. In her private practice in Eau Claire, Ruth relates to students, parents, teachers and physicians as she facilitates the development of a successful individualized treatment plan for her students. She has also taught at both the undergraduate and graduate levels in Reading and Learning Disabilities at UW-Eau Claire.

Ruth Harris has a Master of Science in Reading Disabilities, Learning Disabilities and Emotional Disturbance. She is a specialist in the diagnosis and treatment of Attention Deficit Disorders. Ruth lectures and presents parent workshops and school inservices nationally on this topic and other educational issues. Her publication, "What Works: A Process Approach to Learning," has been helpful to teachers and parents alike. She is creator of Gorf (TM), a parent empowerment system. Enjoy Ruth Harris's sense of humor and gain from her years of experience by attending this program.

Contact Information: Ms. Ruth Harris, Director of the Northwest Reading Clinic, Ltd., Eau Claire, 715.834.4684