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Dear Mr./Ms. _________:

The purpose of this correspondence is to see if a co-op/internship is available, or you would be willing to create one, in supply chain management, logistics or product/inventory control. Following are the qualifications I could bring to your organization.

    * 3 year work history noted for being extremely reliable and exceeding expectations
    * 3.56 GPA in a BS Business Administration program with an emphasis in Supply Chain Management
    * Outstanding performance in all supply chain management and related courses
    * Possess attention to detail, good decision making, judgment, and problem solving skills
    * Enthusiastic and positive individual who will contribute to good workplace morale

If you have a need for a well organized, accurate, and efficient individual for any special projects or tasks please do not hesitate to consider me.

Enclosed for your review and consideration is my resume. I hope it reflects that I will maximize any opportunity provided to me and will prove to be a valuable addition to your workforce.

Please allow me the opportunity to discuss my qualifications with you, or the appropriate individual, at your earliest convenience. I can be reached at the above address, telephone number, or email address. Thank you so much for your attention and consideration.


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