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Dear Mr./Ms. ________:

Please accept this letter as an application for the Sales Account Coordinator position recently advertised in the UW-Stout Career Services Vacancy List. The following qualifications will allow me to effectively carry out the responsibilities of the position:

  • A work history of reaching goals and advancement
  • Sales co-op/internship marked by outstanding performance evaluations
  • Excellent performance in all sales and related coursework
  • 3.50 GPA while working 15+ hours per week, excellent time management

Enclosed is my resume per your request. I believe it reflects the great sense of pride I take in doing quality work and the energetic and positive addition I can be to your workforce.

Please allow me the opportunity to interview with you, or the appropriate individual, at a time and place convenient to your schedule. I can be reached at the above address, telephone number, or email address. Thank you for considering me for this application.


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