Career Services Terminates Credential Service

Self-credentialing was instituted at UW-Stout in 1997. Effective March 1st, 2007, all stored credential files at Career Services were destroyed.

Please note that credential files do NOT contain transcripts -- transcripts are maintained by the Registration & Records Office and remain accessible through that office (

Rationale for Policy
What is self-credentialing?
Career Services Job Search Assistance
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Rationale for Policy

School districts throughout the country now accept “self-credentials” submitted directly by the applicant. ‘Self credentialing’ results in a more timely and efficient process for applying to teaching positions. It also allows the candidate to select which materials are most appropriate to a vacancy. Many universities, including UW institutions, have eliminated credential services. Recent surveys indicate less than 1% of school districts prefer credentials be submitted by a third party and all respondents accept credentials submitted by the candidate.

All teaching candidates now assume the responsibility of managing their own credentials, including resume, letters of reference, teaching evaluations, etc., during their job search. Be assured Career Services will continue to help education majors and alumni in all aspects of their job search process.

What is self-credentialing?

Candidates now maintain their own application materials and send copies directly to schools when applying for a job. School administrators typically request the following:

  • A letter of application or cover letter

  • A resume

  • Copies of letters of recommendations (usually 3). Most important letters are from cooperating teachers, supervisors, and principals who have seen the candidate perform in a school setting. Employers may request a list of names, phone numbers, and/or email addresses, they can contact.

  • Copy of transcripts (available from Registration and Records Office for a nominal fee, see Most schools do not require an “official” copy until you are hired. (Make copies to save money.) Most districts require completing an application form, many are now on line.

Career Services Job Search Assistance

Career Services encourages all students and alumni to use the following free services now available to them:

  • Resume, cover letter, and portfolio assistance
  • Job search and interview preparation (including mock interviewing using “InterviewStream”)
  • Resume posting
  • Job Vacancy list
  • Job Search Agent
  • Powerful Job Search engines

To use the multiple services Career Services offers, education majors and alumni need to complete a profile and upload their resume on Stout CareerLink and continue to update their on-line information as address and job searching information changes. This allows your resume to be viewed by school districts looking to fill teaching positions that become open throughout the year. This also allows you free access to the Job Vacancy List, Job Search Agent, On-Campus Interviewing, Career Events, Employon, ReferenceUSA, InterviewStream, Going Global, Vault, The BIG Guide and Mentor Search. Again, all these services are available at no fee.


Any questions regarding Career Services’ policy on credentials can be directed to:

Career Services
103 Administration Bldg.
Menomonie, WI 54751
ph: 715-232-1601
fax: 715-232-3595