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What kinds of services does your office provide for my student?

The Career Services offices provides many career-related services including:

Individual Consultation - Counselors are available to meet with your student to discuss effective career related topics such as job search strategies, interview skill development, and resume writing.

CareerLink - By completing a brief profile on the Career Services website, your student can have access to the following services:

  • Employer Access To Resume: Employers who contact UW-Stout have the ability to review your student's resume.
  • Employer List: List of all employers who have worked with UW-Stout that can be searched by major.
  • Job Vacancy Lists: List of Co-ops, professional positions, graduate assistantships, on campus and local student employment opportunities.
  • On-Campus Interviews: Your student has the opportunity to interview on-campus with employers with Co-op and full-time professional positions.
  • Career Events: Information on UW-Stout's Career Conference and other career events.
  • Reference USA: Online directory of over 14 million U.S. businesses and organizations provides contacts and company information.
  • Going Global: Search for Co-ops and full-time professional positions in countries worldwide.
  • InterviewStream: A private recorded practice interview with a virtual interviewer which can then be reviewed and critiqued.
  • CareerSpots: These are short videos that feature the practical information your student  needs to find the Co-op or full-time professional position they want.

Co-op/internship Program: This program assists your student in finding paid work opportunities related to their major while they receive academic credit, and real world work experience in their major field of study.

Career Conference: Each spring and fall hundreds of employers attend the conference to talk to students about careers with their organization, including co-ops and professional positions. Freshmen through Doctoral students are encouraged to attend.

Resume Writing, Interviewing, and Job Search Strategies Workshops: Workshop schedules are posted in our office and on the Career Services website.

Open House: This is an employer presentation where employment opportunities, the application process, and other helpful employer information is discussed.

Resource Center: Located in the Career Services office and consists of computers, resume writing, cover letters, interviewing, and other job search information.

When should my student start using Career Services?

We welcome your student as soon as they begin their college experience. We strongly encourage your student to use our services when beginning to write a resume, are looking for a Co-op, have questions about interviewing or are graduating and looking for full-time professional positions. Check out our Four Year Action Plan to see how you can help your student each year they are attending UW-Stout.

Can parents/family members access what companies are coming to campus?

When your student signs up for CareerLink they have the ability to see what companies are conducting interviews and open houses on campus. Parents/family members do not have access to this information unless they are an alumnus of UW-Stout with an active CareerLink account. Encourage your student to sign up for on-campus interviews.

What is a Co-op and how is it different than an internship?

Cooperative Education at University of Wisconsin- Stout is part of a nationwide college/university program that integrates career-related work experience with academic course work. Cooperative Education enhances academic course work by providing a realistic look at a chosen field and adding relevancy to classroom studies. Outcomes include professional skill development, maturity and increased motivation. A successful Co-op experience also greatly increases employability upon graduation.The term "internship" may be preferred or traditionally used with some employers or agencies. In most cases the guidelines described here are applicable to a Co-op and the terms are synonymous. In some programs there is a difference and your student should check with their adviser or program director.

How does my student find a Co-op or professional position?

We provide many options for your student when it comes to their job search. Your student can meet with a counselor to learn job search strategies along with other resources available. We offer job search workshops where they can learn different ways to look for a job in their field. They can also create a profile on CareerLink and take advantage of many other Co-op or professional position search tools. Encourage your student to sign up for on-campus interviews for Co-op and  professional positions. They can also do what is called a "self-generated Co-op." Encourage your student to meet with a counselor within Career Services to learn more.

Can my student get credit for a Co-op?

Yes, credits earned per term (semester/summer) range from one to six depending on length of time, intensity, and program requirements. Your student should check with their program director or co-op mentor regarding credit load.

Will my student be considered a full-time student while they are participating in a Co-op?

Yes, a Co-op student working 40 or more hours per week and is registered for a minimum of one credit per term retains full-time student status for purposes of loan deferments, parental health insurance and possible military benefits. Career Services can provide documentation for your student concerning full-time status.

Does my student have to pay for the Co-op?

Yes, your student must register for a Co-op just as they do for any class and pay the per credit fee. The good news is that they are paid an hourly wage by their employer during the Co-op experience.

What type of career will my student qualify for after graduation?

Encourage your student to work closely with their program director, faculty from their major, and Counselors in the Career Services office. They would be happy to share the types of positions that students who have graduated from their program previously secured.

What kind of salary range could my student expect in a Co-op or professional position in their major?

You and your student are encouraged to access the Annual Employment Report and Cooperative Education Annual Report located on Career Services website to find this information.

My student graduated several months ago; will your office still help him/her?

Yes, please see our services for alumni.

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