Here are the ways to contact your network:

  • Face to Face
  • Social Networking (LinkedIn*, Facebook, etc.)
  • Phone
  • Email
  • U.S. Mail

*LinkedIn is a business-oriented social networking site that we strongly encourage you to join!  Here is information on how to create an effective LinkedIn profile and network for jobs.

Tips to keep in mind when contacting your network:

  • When contacting close friends or people you know well it is okay to communicate casually, but for individuals you don’t know well it is best to communicate in a professional manner
  • Communicating in a professional manner means no slang, proper grammar, neatness and politeness.
  • When meeting face to face be neat and trimmed

Here are questions you can ask your network:

  • Just letting you know that I’m looking for a job in (desired positions). If you are aware of any opportunities please let me know.
  • Does anyone know if company XYZ is hiring or planning to hire anyone in their ______department?
  • Does anyone know someone that works at XYZ company?
  • Does anyone know Jane/John Doe who works at XYZ company?
  • Would you be willing to introduce me to Jane/John Doe?
  • Does anyone know of any organizations that hire new graduates in this area?
  • Does anyone know of anyone who has graduated with my degree?
  • I would like to do some informational interviewing; does anyone know anyone working in the career I’m considering?

Here is information on "Informational Interviewing":