The best candidate is not always the one who gets the job. Often it is the best interviewee. Read below to become the best interviewee!

Before The Interview

During The Interview

Sharing Information: The interview process can be scary if you don't know what to expect. The typical interview will last 30 minutes, although some may be longer. A typical structure is as follows:

  • Five minutes-small talk
  • Fifteen minutes-a mutual discussion of your background and credentials as they relate to the needs of the employer
  • Five minutes-employer asks you for questions or anything else you want to add
  • Five minutes-conclusion of interview and determining when the employer will contact you
As you can see, there is not a lot of time to state your case. When you respond to questions or ask your own, your statements should be concise and organized without being too brief.

Interviewing Questions: Questions employers will ask you basically fall into three categories: "behavioral", "situational", and "traditional". Employers may ask either or all three types of questions. Also, be ready to ask your own questions. See "Interview Questions".

After The Interview

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