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Use these sites to identify employers who have sponsored H1-B visas.


Indeed World Wide

Search for positions world wide

International Careers Consortium:  Advice for Non-US Students

When in the hiring process do I reveal that I'm an international student?" an article by Adrienne Nussbaum, Assistant Dean for International Student Services, Boston College

Online Database of American Employers for International Professionals.

Foreign Labor Certification Data Center: h1-B Disclosure Data

Use this site to identify employers that have sponsored H1-B visas in the past. Search by company name or state.

H-1B Visas: The Biggest Users

Business Week's list of the 200 companies that received the most H-1B visa petition approvals in 2007.  Student Job Center

Search this site for employment opportunities posted on the "International Student Forum," refer to the "Country Work Guides" for country-specific advice about the job search process, get resume writing advice and more

International Student City:  Career Center

This site offers career and job hunting tips for international students. It addresses four major obstacles to finding a job in the U.S. (employers who don't want to sponsor, interview trouble, language difficulties and lack of previous U.S. work experience). This site also offers a job placement service for international students. NOTE: There is a $300 fee if they find you a job and you accept it. Be sure to thoroughly review their FAQ section for details on how

International Student Office

Stout's own International Student Office.