Career Conference Tips for Employers

Your time is valuable, and we want to help you make
the most of your Career Conference experience.  

Below is a compiled list of tips and suggestions:

  • View student resumes prior to the event, and connect with students prior to the conference to invite them to visit with you about your organization or opportunities.
  • Don't miss visiting with students who are first to arrive at the fair!  Plan ahead so you have enough time to unload and transport your materials, park your vehicle in the appropriate lot(s), and set up your display/materials prior to the beginning of the event. 
  • Keep space limitations in mind. Don't allow your display to infringe on that of your booth neighbors.
  • Booth spaces are within an approximate 7-8 foot space; if you have more than 2-3 representatives it will not only "crowd" your space, but could also intimidate students who might visit your booth.
  • Does your booth and body language convey a welcoming and open conversation space? Sitting behind your table or working on your laptop can deter students from visiting with you.
  • Consider having an intern or a newly hired alumnus attend the event with you. A familiar face might help attract students to your booth.
  • Stay the entire time of the event. Leaving early can also leave a poor impression of your organization.
  • Have you listed your job or Co-op/internship opportunities in CareerLink?
  • Did any students in particular catch your attention at the conference? If so, follow-up with them to maintain a line of communication. Not only are students competing for job opportunities, but you may be competing for quality candidates!
  • Be aware that the types of students that attend the fair will range from freshmen through seniors and alumni. Some individuals might be exploring career options, while others are networking to learn more about your Co-op/internships and full-time job opportunities.  Students, who are in "exploration" mode today, might be key candidates for one of your positions in the future!

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