Additional Strategies for Recruiting Students

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 To increase company name recognition, consider doing the following:

Post Jobs/Co-ops:

  • Participate in the co-op program
    • Use returning co-op students as your ambassadors on campus to help build future student sign-ups
    • Provide or facilitate housing for co-op students
    • Pay co-op tuition fee
    • Click here for more information
  • Post permanent positions


  • Attend Career Conferences that take place in October and February
  • Conduct on-campus interviews  
      • Three weeks before your scheduled campus interview consider doing the following: 
        • Access electronic resume books of qualified students on CareerLink and personally contact those who are not signed-up to interview with you and invite them to your on-campus interview
        • Contact selected faculty to speak in classes and solicit their support in making students aware of your on-campus interviews
        • Contact student organizations related to your industry to speak at a meeting and/or to make them aware of your scheduled on-campus interviews. Call the Involvement Center at (715) 232-1772
  • Build relationships 
    • On your recruitment day arrange to meet for lunch with key faculty/staff
  • Access electronic resume books to find students of interest
  • Advertise in STOUTONIA (campus newspaper).  Call (715) 232-1122
  • Contact alumni for higher level positions

Establish Connections with the University

  •  Establish relationships with key university personnel and maintain on-going communication
  • Be an active participant on UW-Stout social media pages
    • Connect with UW-Stout on LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook
    • If you are a UW-Stout alum, join the “UW-Stout Alumni Career Mentor Network” group on LinkedIn and mentor current students
  • Invite UW-Stout students and staff to visit your company
  • Present in classrooms and student organizations to give advice to students considering a career in your profession
  • Become a member of WI-ACE/MN-ACE
  • Sponsor scholarships

 Please call us at (715) 232-1601 if you would like to talk about any of the strategies.