UW-Stout offers a variety of options for connecting with students and alumni. Many employers schedule a day of on-campus interviews in Career Services each fall and spring semester.

To set up an interview schedule, log into CareerLink to do the following:

Select The Date

For Employment to Begin
Start Recruiting
Spring Semester (January-May)
Summer Semester (May-August)
Fall Semester (September-December)

Make A Reservation

To Reserve an On-Campus Interviewing Room:

  • Login to CareerLink
  • Click on the "Employer" option
  • Click on "Interview Schedules"
  • Click on "New Interview Schedule Request"
  • Fill in the blanks with the schedule you are interested in
    • If you're unable to come to campus, you can request to interview students by web cam or phone. To do so, in the additional comments section include: "Web Cam Interview" or "Phone Interview."
  • Click "Save and Continue"
  • Here you may:
    • Link an Existing Job
    • Copy an Existing Job
    • Add New Job
  • Fill in the blanks with as much information as possible
  • Click "Save and Continue"
  • Click "Submit Request"
    Note: Your Request will not come through to our office until you click on "Submit Request"

If you scheduled a phone or web cam interview, a Career Services representative will contact you with the appropriate Skype information or phone number. A test session can also be set up if requested.

Select A Schedule Type

How do you want students to sign up for an interview?

Open – any qualified students can sign up for an interview.

Preselect– interested candidates request an interview though our system where you can log in and view their resumes and decide if you would like to interview them or not.


If you are unable to come on campus to interview but would like to interview students using a web cam. You and the student would each use a computer and web cam to coduct the video interview. The web cams use a live feed that will allow you to communicate with the student instantaneously.


If you will be attending our annual career conference and would like to sign students up for an interview during that event, please select the open option and write SIGN UP AT CONFERENCE in the additional comments section.


You can also search our database for candidates you would be interested in and contact them directly for availability.

Attach Position Description(s)

Provide students with information about the available position(s) you are recruiting for and the qualifications you are seeking.


If you are recruiting for a Co-op position – please for more "CLICK HERE" information about our Co-op Program.