Note to Recruiters Registered for the Career Conference:

Registration for the Career Conference does NOT automatically add employers to the on-campus interview schedule. To conduct on-campus interviews during the Conference, please follow the instructions below.

Schedule Now: On-Campus Interviews at the Conference

How to Reserve an Interview Room:

  1. Log into CareerLink
  2. Schedule an on-campus recruiting visit by hovering over "Interview Schedules" in the navigation
  3. Click on "New Interview Schedule Request"
  4. Fill out the form with the kind of schedule you are interested in
    • Select "open" for your schedule type
    • Select "yes" for interview sign-up during the conference
    • Interview duration limit is 30 minutes
    • Location of interviews is subject to change
  5. Click "Save and Continue"
  6. Then you will "Link an Existing Job", "Copy an Existing Job" or "Add New Job"
  7. Fill in the blanks with as much information as possible
    • Due to the high volume of employers attending the Conferences each year, students will sign up for interviews directly at employer booths.
  8. Click "Save and Continue"
  9. Click "Submit Request"

Note: Your Request will not come through to our office until you click on "Submit Request"

Interview Scheduling Process during the Conference

  • Employers will be given 'yellow cards' in their yellow interview folder for all open time slots. These cards will be handed out to the candidates selected for interviews. The yellow cards include: Company Name, Date, Time and Location of the interview. Students then need to register their yellow cards at the Career Conference information table or call 715-232-1601 to secure their interview time.
  • Employers will also need to record the student's names on the master sheet to keep track of all candidates and interview times for the organization.