Student Organizations

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Getting involved on campus is one of the most rewarding experiences you’ll have throughout your college career.  It allows you to engage in campus activities, learn new skills and ideas and contribute to our local, national and global community in which we live every day.  

Simply said, getting involved in campus will transform your college experience from ordinary to extraordinary.  

Students at UW-Stout participate in more than 145 student organizations, all recognized by the Stout Student Association (SSA).  Whether your interest lies in professional or academic associations, sport clubs, cultural organizations, etc., there are endless possibilities for students to choose from.  And if there isn’t something that floats your boat, SSA encourages and welcomes students to start up a new organization!

10 Reasons to Join an Organization!

  1. Establish a network of friends who share the same interest

  2. Learn and explore a new hobby

  3. Boost your resume

  4. Develop as an individual and discover your strengths

  5. Experience increased self-confidence

  6. Gain invaluable leadership skills

  7. Give back to your community through service projects

  8. Network and connect with faculty and students in your related study

  9. To advocate and educate others on something you're passionate about

  10. Have fun!

To check out all recognized student organizations (RSO's) available on campus, click the orange button to the right to start searching!

Membership Regulations

So can anyone get involved in student organizations?  

As long they maintain at least a 2.0 GPA!   Additionally, students may hold only one major office or two minor offices at a time, unless approved by the Dean of Students.   A major office is considered any elected position and/or executive head of a student organization, while all other offices of student organizations are considered minor offices.

Is there a code of conduct and/or other policies that recognized student organizations must follow?

Yes!  In order for an organization to receive recognition and take advantage of all the benefits of being an RSO, there are guidelines that SSA has put in place to help protect the rights and safety of individual students as well as their segregated university fees (SUF).   
To review the policies in full, refer to the links below.  


Support and services for recognized student organizations

I heard the word benefits…..So what are they?

  • Use of the name “UW-Stout” and notation on Stout Website
  • Recognition from SSA
  • Funding through SSA and the Stout Foundation (Must be applied for through SSA Financial Affairs)
  • Ability to host events on or off-campus for students
  • Provided ability to recruit during Backyard Bash
  • Raffle license for fundraising
  • Reservations in University Facilities
    • Memorial Student Center
    • Merle Price Commons
    • North Point Dining Facility
    • Johnson Field house
    • Academic Buildings (lecture halls)
  • Fleet Vehicle use (for funded organizations)
  • Support from the Involvement Center
    • Creation Station fully stocked for all poster making needs
    • Spacious locked cabinets for storage
    • Organization mailboxes
    • Lounge space
    • Accounting services for funded organizations
    • Travel Assistance
    • Contract and Event Planning Support
    • OrgSync  Help and Support
    • Poster Printing and Copies



OrgSync offers an online community management system that centralizes campus involvement. Its web-based platform streamlines communication and helps to build a stronger campus community.

Individual students can use OrgSync to search organizations to join, communicate with their current organizations, track their involvement throughout the course of their college career, request                      co-curricular transcripts and develop their own e-portfolio that stays with them for life.

Student organizations and their members can effectively and efficiently manage their student organization through OrgSync.  It provides several convenient features to communicate with members through news posts, emails, polls, discussion boards and text messaging.  It also allows student orgs to create and manage events, track rsvp’s and attendance, create electronic forms, store electronic files, upload pictures and videos as well as manage their annual budget.  Additionally, all student orgs can easily create a website through OrgSync giving them a strong online presence.  

Contact Information

Involvement Center
106 Memorial Student Center
302 10th Ave. E.
Menomonie, WI 54751