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With nearly 150 student organizations to choose from, there is something for everyone.  From academic and professional orgs that relate to your major, to sport clubs and special interest groups that enhance your out-of-classroom experience, the opportunities are endless.  It’s a great way to gain leadership skills, improve your resume and….have a little fun too while you’re at it!
The Involvement Center hosts numerous off-campus trips and on-campus events each semester, most of which are free!  Grab your roommate, friend or classmate and test your luck at our annual Casino Night.  Or, hop on a bus to the Mall of America.  Check your daily Campus Life Today email for access to all of these events.
Stoutreach Service Collaboration is home to 18 student organizations and nearly thirty local non-profit agencies, all hoping to engage you in volunteer service to others.  From blood drives to elder support and mentoring youth, and from environmental sustainability to socializing animals, the opportunities to volunteer can be either short term or long term, and can even count for credit in some classes.
An important part of your college experience is gaining valuable leadership skills.  The BOLD Project, Building Opportunities for Leadership Development, does just that!  In addition, our office supports and hosts annual leadership conferences such as the Student Org Leadership Summit and the uWEc Lead Leadership Conference, both of which are open to all students.
We’re about seeking common ground and moving social action.  If you are interested in becoming a more globally aware citizen, or in striving for social justice, human rights and environmental sustainability, Ally Initiatives should be a stop on your road to involvement.




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