Ally Initiatives


What is Ally Initiatives?

Ally Initiatives for Civil Rights and Civic Responsibility – Seeking Common Ground, Moving Social Action

With focus on the intersections of social group memberships, Ally Initiatives staffers coordinate events that address inclusivity, sustainability, socioeconomic status, and the on-going need for service to others.  Americorps staff members work on Farm to School efforts and capacity building in local not-for-profit agencies; Intersections Film and Dialogue Series help students address social issues; local outreach efforts help the homebound and Holiday Giving Tree helps families in need. An Honor Roll of Service recognizes corporations that take social responsibility seriously.  Student staffers coordinate excellent projects that create awareness and appreciation of humanity, from the HOLI color festival of spring to Societal Mirrors and discussion of body image – The theme “Together We Can Make A Difference” fully applies to Ally efforts.   

Ally Initiatives is located in the MSC in the Involvement Center, (715-232-1772) 


Contact Information

108 MSC
Phone: 715-232-1772