Undergraduate and Graduate Bulletins

The undergraduate and graduate bulletins presented here are the most current information available about academic programs at University of Wisconsin-Stout. Individual sections of the bulletins will be updated as soon as possible and the revision date noted. Information regarding fees, admission, graduation requirements, names, telephone numbers, and course offerings, is subject to change.


 the UW-Stout campus

Archived Catalogs & Bulletins

Undergraduate catalogs/bulletins from 1904-04 to 2001-03 and graduate catalogs/bulletins from 1949–51 to 1999–2001 are available online. The archive includes catalogs from the Stout State University-Barron County Campus from 1967–1971.

For information about courses and program from bulletins published between 2002 to the current bulletin, contact the Provost's Office for assistance. These will be published online in the future.