Resources and Services

Career Exploration

Students who are unsure about their choice of major should visit the Advisement Center. It is a “one-stop” information center where you can learn more about yourself while exploring various career options and academic programs. Walk-in service as well as individual appointments with career counselors are available. The Advisement Center is located in Room 11 of Bowman Hall and is open from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

For more information, call 715/232-5306, or visit the Career Exploration web page.

Career Services

Services for seniors, graduate students and alumni are provided by the Career Services Office (103 Administration Building, 715/232-1601). The goal of the office is to help each individual conduct an effective job search. Students are shown how to identify employment opportunities and approach them with effective resumes/vitas, cover letters, phone calls, and interview skills to increase the chances of receiving interviews and job offers. Students are encouraged to create an account and use the services in Stout CareerLink, attend group workshops or meet individually with a career services counselor. The office is open from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. daily. 

Additional information is available on the Career Services website.

Child Care Service

The School of Education’s Child and Family Study Center provides educational child care services for children from six weeks to six years of age. The center is open from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Monday-Friday, in accordance with the university calendar year. The center offers full day, morning and afternoon sessions with one to five days a week options. 

For more information about enrollment, contact the center at 715/232-1478, e-mail or visit the Child and Family Study Center website.

Computer Services

Technology and Information Services (TIS) provides a variety of services in support of graduate student and faculty research. Some of those services include statistical consulting, assistance with the Statistical Package for the Social Scientist (SPSS) software for statistical analysis, and data preparation and input through either optical scanning of mark-sense forms or hand input. Numerous personal computers are available in classroom buildings and the Library Learning Center. Internet access for research purposes and electronic mail are available on all of these machines, as well as through local dial-up remote access. All services are provided free for graduate student unfunded research. There is a minimal fee for printing in the Library Learning Center.

Additional information is available online at

Counseling Center

The Counseling Center (Bowman Hall, 715/232-2468) offers counseling (for individuals, couples and groups), educational programs and workshops, self-help resources, and consultation to the campus community — with a mission of contributing to the intellectual, emotional and relational health and development of students. All counseling records are kept strictly confidential and are not part of university records. 

For more information, stop by our office in 410 Bowman Hall, call us at 715/232-2468, or visit the Counseling Center website.

Disability Services

If you are in need of special services, accommodations or academic adjustments because of a physical, hearing, visual, emotional or learning disability, you need to check with the Disability Services office to inquire into and arrange for services. To ensure that services are available in a timely and consistent manner, UW System Regent policy requires that each student contact the office as far in advance as possible and provide appropriate documentation of the disability. 

For more information, call 715/232-2295, visit 206 Bowman Hall, or visit the Disability Services website.

Health Services

Student Health Services is located at the north end of the campus, across from Wigen Hall, and is open during the academic year from 7:45 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday; 12 to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday during WinTerM and closed weekends, holidays, school breaks and during the summer months (June – August). Student Health Services is an outpatient health care facility that provides care to registered students. Appointments can be made by calling 715/232-1314. The student health fee covers the majority of the services received. Additional fees may be charged for specific procedures based on complexity/severity, medication and laboratory test. Flexline, Visa/MasterCard, check or cash are all accepted as methods of payment.

More information is available on the Student Health Services website.

Off-Campus Housing

Graduate students who choose to live in off-campus housing may obtain information from a variety of sources. The Stout Student Association Office (141 Memorial Student Center, 715/232-1450) maintains an online list of current off-campus housing which is updated every other week. Other sources of local housing information are the Stoutonia, Dunn County News, the Menomonie Shopper and the Dunn County Reminder which are available from local merchants.

Graduate students planning to live off campus will find it useful to visit Menomonie to secure the type of housing desired.

All dining service options available to residence hall students may be contracted for separately by off-campus students. Learn more on the Dining Services website.


Parking on university land is regulated throughout the entire year, including those times when school is not in session. Parking requires display of a permit or payment of a meter when hours of regulation are in effect. Hours of regulation are posted at the entrance to each parking lot. Call the Parking Services Office at 715/232-1792 to request a permit or to inquire about parking services. 

Additional information is available at the University Parking Services website.

Residence Halls and Dining Services

Coeducational residence halls provide accommodations for 2,900 undergraduate and graduate students. Students can indicate their preferences for a particular environment and roommate. One hall is designated for upperclassmen, graduate and nontraditional students, another offers year round accommodations. Some single rooms are available during the academic year. During summer sessions, students are assigned single rooms unless a specific roommate is requested. To obtain a contract for the academic year, visit our website, or send an e-mail to and one will be put mailed to you. Summer housing requests can be made online as well. The Housing and Residence Life Office can also be reached at 715/232-1121.

Student rooms are carpeted and furnished with a microwave oven, refrigerator, two single beds, dressers, bookcases, desks and study chairs. The rooms are approximately 11 feet by 15 feet. Coffee makers, hot pots and popcorn poppers with unexposed elements are permitted in student rooms. Network access in the room is available via a network card. Cable TV is provided as well as local phone service, you must provide your own phone. Residence basements provide access to personal computers with laser printers, a laundry room, television room, kitchenette, study rooms and a game room. There are eight weight rooms and two saunas located in the residence halls. The reception desks offer many services and a variety of equipment including tools, vacuum cleaners, cooking equipment, movies, and sports equipment. More information, including current rates is available on the University Housing website.

Students who live on campus during the academic year choose a dining service plan from a variety of options. Information is available on the University Dining Services website. 

Learning and Information Technology Services

Learning and Information Technology (LIT) is a support organization dedicated to providing efficient and effective state-of-the-art learning and information technology solutions and services to students, faculty, and staff for instruction, administration, and public service in support of the University's mission. Learn more about services available to students at the Learning and Information Technology Services website.


Some textbooks and other required resources for your classes are available for loan at this service. Instructional Resources Service (IRS) is located on the west side, second floor, of the Robert S. Swanson Learning Center. Required resources may be checked out and are due the last day of the class. Resources are also available for purchase.  

If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to stop in or call 715/232-2492. Additional information is available on the Instructional Resources Service website.


University Centers

University Centers are welcoming gathering places that encour­age involvement, interaction and learning. Since you’ll spend three quarters of your time outside of the classroom, extracurricular and co-curricular activities that contribute to intellectual, professional and personal growth can be a valuable partner to academics.

Memorial Student Center is a community center for members of the UW-Stout community — students, faculty, staff, administration, alumni and guests. It is a place to get to know and understand and appreciate one another. Join an organization to plan events for the campus or become a student staff member and gain work experi­ence and knowledge. Our staff helps to make your experience a memorable one.

Memorial Student Center  

The Memorial Student Center is here for you to "Live, Learn, Lead!"  As the campus “community center.” the Memorial Student Center is a welcoming gathering place for students, faculty, staff administration, alumni and guest to gather, study, dine, play and relax. It is a place to get to know and understand one another. Our staff is dedicated to making your out of classroom experience a valuable part of your education.

The Memorial Student Center includes staffed and self service dining areas, a service, copy and information center, billiards and bowling, the University Bookstore, conference/reservations office and plenty of hang out space. The hallways proudly display UW-Stout student artwork and flags representing the home countries of our international students.  Involvement and Leadership office provides service learning, programming and leadership opportunities and is located on the lower level. Students gain valuable professional experience by working jobs offered year round.

We are conveniently located at 302 10th Avenue, a major crossroad of the campus. You are invited and encouraged to use the facility, services, programs and activities offered by the Memorial Student Center.  For more information about our services, call 715-232-1431 or visit the Memorial Student Center website.

The Involvement and Leadership Center

The Involvement and Leadership Center, located in the Memorial Student Center, fosters a supportive environment that encourages and challenges students to become fully engaged in and enjoy campus life, to seek learning outside of the classroom and to prepare themselves as contributing citizens.

  • Student Organizations  You may choose from approximately 120 student organizations and a myriad of activities on campus, in areas as diverse as music, service, journalism, religion and politics. Student orga­nizations help students continually develop their skills interests. A list of student organizations is online at

  • Involvement and Leadership provides significant learning experiences for students through meaningful service and leadership activities that benefit our community. Learn more online at

University Recreation is a great way for you to stay active, develop friendships and learn lifetime skills while attending UW-Stout. If you are into playing sports, rock climbing, strength training, kayaking and cardio classes, then look no further — University Recreation has it all.

You can be active in the following programs:

  • Intramural Sports will let you exercise your competitive spirit. Join a team or create your own and challenge the rest of the university in the sport you love most. Organized leagues with tournament play and officiating allows for an exciting athletic environment.

  • The Health and Fitness Center offers a state-of-the-art facility along with group fitness classes taught by instructors. If you need a little motivation or guidance, our knowledgeable staff of personal trainers is always available to help out. A 25-meter swimming pool is available for recreational use. This is a chance to achieve peak physical fitness.

  • Stout Adventures will take you to the backcountry, up high on a rock face, or down a scenic waterway. Discover your sense of adventure and explore the wilderness around you. Those who enjoy climbing can take advantage of two 30-foot indoor climbing walls. Memberships are available to all students. Stout Adventures also facilitates an outdoor Adventure Challenge Course which consists of two 50-foot towers and nine low initiatives designed to challenge groups or individuals.

  • Sport Clubs are another great way to show your competitive spirit, with up to 26 clubs to choose from. These sport clubs have been formed by individuals who are motivated by a common interest and desire to participate in a recreational activity. Many clubs compete regionally and nationally.

If you are looking for student employment, University Recreation employs 120 students yearly from intramural sports officials and lifeguards, to group fitness instructors, and adventure challenge course facilitators. Learn more at the University Recreation website or call 715/232-1392.

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University Library

The University Library has a collection of more than a million items, including online full-text resources, audiovisual materials, periodicals, and books.  Access is available to more than 35 million items through universal borrowing from other UW libraries.

The library provides wireless and Ethernet connections for laptop users and has specialized equipment for printing, scanning, and e-portfolio work. A variety of equipment is also available for checkout including laptop computers, multimedia projectors and digital cameras.  More than 100 desktop computers are on hand in the Library. The library provides an inviting atmosphere for study and contemplation. A food cart is available in the lobby during the academic year. Lounge furniture, quiet study spaces and group study rooms are available throughout the library. The library is open 90.5 hours per week with adjusted open hours in the summer and at times when no classes are offered. Customer service oriented Library Staff is available to assist users in their quest for information. More information is available on the University Library website.

Veterans Services

The Registration and Records Office provides assistance to veterans. This office provides veteran students with current information on veteran’s affairs, coordinates special educational programs for veterans, and maintains liaison with the Veterans Administration, Department of Veterans Affairs and the County Veterans' Service Officers. All veterans receiving assistance must file the appropriate forms with this office to be officially certified to receive benefits.

For more information, contact Veterans Services, 109 Bowman Hall, 715/232-1233,, or online.


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