US Bank Telepay

TelePay Service

The TelePay payment method allows payments to be made using the U.S. Bank IVR customer service system. With a touch tone telephone, clients can pay their Corporate, Purchasing, Relocation or Executive,or One card on any day they choose for the amount they choose. This payment option will initiate a funds transfer from a checking or savings account to pay an individual or corporate liabilitycommercial card account. Payments can be made from any bank or financial institution that supports ACH; a U.S. Bank account is not required. 


  • One-Time Setup provides checking or savings account number, routing number, signature, etc.
  • Using a touch tone phone, payment is applied to the U.S. Bank Visa commercial card account.
  • A Customer Service Representative (CSR) may also process the payment on behalf of the customer.
  • Supports transfers from any checking or savings account, not just U.S. Bank accounts. 


  • Flexible payment option allowing cardholder to control the timing and amount of their card payment based on their company's reimbursement
  • Easy to use process can be initiated from any touch tone telephone from anywhere in the world
  • On demand electronic payment application
  • It's Free!
  • Avoid overnight mail fees and mailing delays 

How to Begin

To be able to use the Telepay option just call the 1-800 number on the back of the card and speak with a  customer service representative.