Travel Reimbursement

IMPORTANT!  Familiarize yourself with Travel Regulations prior to making any travel arrangements for which you expect reimbursement. The information provided below is a thumbnail version of these regulations; more detailed information is available on UW System's Travel pages.

Expense Module

The Expense Module  is the web-based system used to reimburse UW – Stout employees and  non-employees for expenses incurred while traveling or conducting business for  the University.  All approvals take place in the Expense Module.

How To's for Travelers

Additional Resources for Travelers/Approvers:

General Rules


  • Must be originals
  • Must be itemized on TER form
  • Other expenses over $25 paid personally by the employee must show proof of personal payment. For miscellaneous expenses:
      • Okay if receipt shows payment was made by a credit card other than US Visa
      • If no receipt, you must include a copy of credit card statement with charge checked or circled
  • If payment was made in cash, the recipient (not the employee) must:
      • Acknowledge the form of payment was cash on the original receipt
      • Date and sign the receipt

Airfare and Baggage

Airfare can be reimbursed prior to travel by submitting a TER with proof of payment.

Along with the general rules governing receipts, include the following:
  • E-ticket and itinerary must be submitted to obtain reimbursement
  • Even if the airfare has been prepaid, the itinerary must also be submitted with final TER when travel has been completed
  • Baggage receipt for first checked bag
    • Additional bags are not reimbursable unless justifiable for business
    • If actual baggage receipt can't be submitted, the credit card transaction showing dates matching the travel dates for the charge will be acceptable
  • Flying from an airport other than Eau Claire or Minneapolis-St.Paul (MSP)
Additional information on Air Travel can be found at Air Travel.

Airport Shuttle

Receipt must be provided for each leg of the trip.

Car Rental

The following must be included:

  • Itemized car rental receipt showing final payment
  • Itemized gas receipts - gas cannot be reimbursed without an itemized receipt showing number of gallons and price per gallon
  • Traveler may be required to justify rental car. It must abide by the UW System regulation stating " is the most cost-efficient means of transportation..."

See Rental Car for more information


The following apply:

  • Receipt must be itemized showing dates, base rate and number of people
    • Credit card slip showing only total charge is not acceptable.
  • UW-Stout is exempt from sales taxes on lodging in-state so every effort should be made to make sure tax is not charged. All travelers need to present the tax exempt wallet card when checking into the hotel.
  • Miscellaneous charges for room-service, movies, etc. are not reimbursable and should not be included in the per night rate
  • When booking hotel online make sure you understand the cancellation policy. Many charge your credit card up front and are non-refundable, non-transferable and non-changeable.

Go to lodging for more information.


  • Parking over $25/day requires a receipt.
  • Parking off or on site at the Minneapolis airport is limited $11 without a receipt
  • Eau Claire airport is limited to $5/day
  • Airport Shuttle Service parking is free

NOTE: Department has the right to require receipts for parking regardless of the amount

Taxi Fares

  • If the round trip fare is over $25 a receipt is required
    • To/from hotel/airport is considered round trip
  • The starting point, destination and purpose must be documented
  • Taxi cost to/from meal is not reimbursable
  • Taxi tip is limited to 15%