Food Requisition and Justification Form

Is food allowable?

Review the Food Matrix to clarify if food is allowable. 

When to complete this form

This form must be completed before any on-campus or off-campus event (15 miles or less form campus) for which university funding will be used for payment of the food. 

Routing the form

This is a digital form and must be routed electronically though ImageNow. 

  • When you submit the form, you will be prompted to upload one or more supporting PDF files (such as the list of attendees and the agenda).
  • The form and supporting information can be found in the ImageNow workflow of the funding string administrator you specified by email address. 


  • For assistance with policy questions, contact Accounting at x2334.
  • For assistance with food ordering, contact Dining at x3463.
  • If the funding string fields do not display correctly, you may be in Internet Explorer's Compatibility View. You can change your settings via the Tools menu (gear icon) in the upper right corner of the browser.

Food Requisition and Justification Form
Standard Form

Event Name  
Event Date     Event Location     
Requester       Requester's Phone    
Reservation ID     Funding String Administrator's Email   
Main funding string        % from main string  %
                      Example 128     0     659704  3780      [Account Codes]
Second funding string
(if applicable) 

       % from second string  %
Start Time:    
End Time:     

Are you purchasing food/beverages from UW-Stout Dining?     

  Purpose of Event  
  Why are you requesting Refreshments?  
  Elaborate on the meeting situation and why refreshments are being requested:  
  Why are you requesting meals?  
  Describe why business could not be conducted in a manner to avoid the necessity of a meal:  
  Are you hosting a reception?    
  What is the official business purpose of hosting the reception?  

Form submission takes 10 seconds. Please click the Submit button once only and wait patiently. You will be prompted to upload supporting documentation (PDF only) when the submission is finished.