Mission Vision Values


The School of Art and Design is an artistic and intellectual community that fosters creative thinking and lifelong learning.

We prepare individuals for leadership and professional careers in the areas of visual art and design.

Our faculty guide aspiring artists and designers to build both theoretical and practical foundations, and encourage personal development in art, design, and the humanities.


The School of Art and Design will provide transformative educational experiences in an environment that inspires interdisciplinary exploration. The School will continue its longstanding commitment to providing high-quality applied art and design education by leveraging outstanding faculty, leading-edge technology, excellent facilities, an exceptional studio art/design foundation program, and access to a robust liberal arts education. The School will have a regional, national and global impact and will be recognized as a leader in polytechnic art and design education. Our graduates will be uniquely prepared as creative leaders and innovators in society and the workplace.

The School of Art and Design Values

Passion and Rigor
We cultivate creative expression and intellectual curiosity. Our students and faculty are held to rigorous expectations to advance our fields in meaningful and impactful ways.

We commit to being an artistic and scholarly community. We believe that our unique brand of applied art and design education brings innovation to cultural, economic, environmental, and social spheres.

Exchange and Collaboration
We foster diverse opportunities and nurture the values of service, citizenship, exchange and lifelong learning. We believe in providing an education that is inclusive and accessible to all.

We embrace our unique role in the polytechnic mission at UW-Stout, and value the significance of our position as a catalyst for inspiration, inquiry and discovery.

The Future
We recognize that the creative marketplace has the potential to transform economic, social and environmental structures for the better. As a School, we promote applied collaboration, critical thinking, entrepreneurial skills and creative practice to meet the demands of the future.


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 Program Office
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