Innovative entrepreneurs recognize when a competitor should be on their side. After Marc Rassel ('07) relocated near a competitor with whom he had collaborated on previous projects, he picked up the phone to reach out to the owner.

"We knew this was going to go one of two ways: either work in fierce competition with one another, or look closely at what our two companies offered and see how we could work together. We chose the latter." 

The merger of Marc's Align Creative Group and Ryan Mackley's Spruce Creek Multimedia into Align Multimedia now blends the two former companies' strengths in graphic design, web development, print production, photography, video production, marketing, branding, creative strategy, and business development. Aron Diaz, the third business partner, is director of account services.

Marc launched his previous company, Align Creative Group, in 2011 and is recognized for his unique combination of talent in design and entrepreneurship, drawing on a network of multimedia gurus to bring the best to each client. He does it on time and within a client's budget.

"UW-Stout's environment of extremely high expectations taught me how to dig deep and find the energy and motivation to meet any deadline, regardless of how tight it is, without sacrificing quality."

What did he love most about UW-Stout? "The collaborative environment often found during late nights in the studio – it's surprising how much productive work can get accomplished at 2 a.m."

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