Why should you continue your academic career
(and best time of your life) at UW-Stout?

  1. UW-Stout offers 44 specialized undergraduate majors, and the number keeps growing. We also offer strong graduate programs in many of our disciplines.

  2. Looking for peers that dig what you dig? Our student body reflects our focused programs in the energy, enthusiasm and passion they exude.

  3. With an employment rate at 98 percent, you'll graduate from Stout with high confidence. Chances are very good that, upon graduation, you'll land a job within your major.

  4.  With more than 145 organizations for you to be involved with on campus, you'll build your resume while building relationships with those around you.

  5. UW-Stout is the only laptop university in the UW-System. You receive a laptop as part of your tuition. Then in two years, you get to upgrade your laptop. As a bonus, you can keep it when you graduate.

  6. What good is a laptop? That is, what good is a laptop without software?  UW-Stout also provides you with the software you'll need within your field!

  7. Another amazing benefit is that you'll rent, rather than buy, your textbooks. You'll never pay hundreds of dollars a semester on books just a modest rental fee.

  8. Although money can be the least fun thing to think about when it comes to college, UW-Stout makes paying for school very manageable. With just about every aspect of college life included in your tuition and fees (textbooks and your laptop, too!) you'll have no headaches and worries that comes with paying for all the extras.

  9. Need some extra financial help? The Stout University Foundation provides more than $500,000 in scholarships annually to students. There is a bounty of financial assistance on campus for students that need it.

  10. Companies come to UW-Stout every year recruiting our students to work for them. Many students land jobs prior to graduating!  All students can participate in our three-day Career Conference each October.

  11. With the importance of technology in today’s workplace, we take pride in constantly updating facilities and technology across the entire campus to better provide for the students and professors that use them.

  12. Nationally recognized faculty and staff across the entire campus.

  13.  Student athletes at UW-Stout compete in 16 men’s and women’s NCAA Division III intercollegiate sports; 26 club sports and an extensive and student loved intramurals program.  

  14. UW-Stout's student male to female ratio is 49:51 — just about half and half. 

  15. UW-Stout is "Wisconsin's Polytechnic University."  When an employer sees ‘polytechnic’ on your resume, they'll know you can transition from graduation into a position and start working immediately, which makes you very marketable.

  16. UW-Stout’s nationally recognized faculty and staff are researchers, scholars and practitioners who are dedicated to teaching and preparing your for productive careers.

  17.  Faculty and academic staff teach 99 percent of classes. Only one percent of classes are taught by teaching assistants. The student to faculty/teaching staff ratio is 19:1.

  18. UW-Stout's smaller classes and programs allow you to build enjoyable and important relationships with your professors and classmates. UW-Stout's faculty are experienced and accessible. They'll challenge you, support you, and truly revel in your success.

  19. In the latest statistics available, more than 500 different employers provided 782 students with cooperative employment opportunities. Since 1983, more than 14,650 UW-Stout students have participated in co-op experiences

  20. The university currently has 24 major academic and administrative buildings, with 242 laboratories. The numbers are constantly climbing through exciting additions and improvements throughout campus.  It's an exciting time to be a student at UW-Stout.

  21. Finally, Menomonie is absolutely breathtaking. Our small-town setting helps you find a balance between study and other interests and you’ll feel right at home. We’re ideally located for day trips to nearby Minneapolis-St. Paul, or Eau Claire.