ATTENTION:  Please watch this space for new and updated articulation agreements. Beginning with the 2013 fall semester general education courses at  UW-Stout were reorganized. You can see the new layout and approved courses online here. At the same time, our majors have also updated all of their program requirements. The agreements listed here are pre-2013. How the courses transfer to UW-Stout will still be honored. How those courses transfer apply to the new degree requirements may change from these agreements.

Community or Technical Colleges to UW-Stout

Program articulation agreements are for students who enroll in a community college or Wisconsin Technical College System associate degree program and later decide to transfer to a related program at UW-Stout. In such cases, students may be able to transfer certain occupational and technical credits in addition to general education credits within the degree program. The number of transfer credits vary with each agreement.

Community Colleges

Wisconsin Technical College System: