Transfer Frequently Asked Questions

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How many credits do I need to have to be able to transfer?

We would like you to have successfully completed 12 college level credits prior to transferring. You are considered a transfer student if you’ve taken at least one college level course starting the fall semester after you graduated from high school. 

Is there an application deadline?

There is no hard set application deadline. Applications will be accepted through December for our spring semester, or early August for our Fall semester. The following dates/time periods are recommended so everything else happens in a timely manner.

  • Spring Semester: apply by late October/Early November
  • Fall Semester: apply by March/April.

If you are interested in applying for any of the Stout Foundation Scholarships, you need to apply by January. You don’t have to be accepted, but you do have to be in our system in order to use the username assigned to you shortly after you apply. Scholarship applications are due the end of January. Learn more on the Scholarship Application page.

Do I need my high school transcripts?

We require your high school transcripts, unless you have already earned a bachelor’s degree at the time you apply. We must verify that you did complete secondary school. If you didn’t graduate from high school, but completed a GED/HSED, we need a copy of your Score Report or a transcript verifying you successfully completed secondary school.

Do I need an ACT/SAT score report?

As a transfer student we don’t require an ACT/SAT score report, but if you completed either test we recommend that you submit the information, if possible, to be included in your review. 

For some of our majors, if you scored well on your ACT/SAT, it may give you direct admission into the program. Refer to our Requirements for Transfer Admission page for majors that have additional requirements that may include ACT/SAT scores. Additionally, if you’re in an education major you may be able to use your scores toward Benchmark I requirements. More information is available online at the School of Education website.

Can I fax my college transcripts to you?

No, we do not accept faxed college transcripts. 

Will you accept a PDF of my college transcripts?

If a college you are currently or previously attended uses an electronic transcript service for sending transcripts, we do accept PDF’s directly from that service. We cannot accept a PDF sent to you (the student) that you then forward to us (UW-Stout). 

Can I send the transcript just from the last college I attended or do you need all of them?

We require official transcripts from all institutions attended. It states in the UW System application:  

List all institutions of higher education currently or previously attended, both U.S. and foreign (even if you withdrew). Include name of college for courses taken in high school, colleges, universities, online campuses, technical colleges, the institution you are currently attending, extension programs, etc., and any degree(s) earned.

Failure to list all institutions may result in disciplinary action, recession of admission, and/or invalidation of credits or degrees earned.   

If you officially withdrew from an institution prior to earning credit, proof of withdrawal is required.


Do I have to pay the application fee if I’m transferring from another UW System school?

If that last school you attended or are currently attending is one of the two-year UW Colleges, you aren't required to pay the application fee.

If you’re transferring from one of the four-year UW Universities, you are required to pay the application fee. 

Refer to the UW System's Campuses page.

Can I take two years of coursework at another college and then transfer to Stout to complete the final two years?

This may work for some, but not all majors. 

We advise that you become aware of the requirements for the major you’re interested in. You can access the program plan online via the Undergraduate Bulletin. Many majors also provide a four-year or eight-semester plan also accessible from the program plan listing. The four-year plan helps identify where prerequisites or sequencing of courses is key to progressing through your major in order to graduate in a timely manner.

How do I transfer my FAFSA awards to Stout if they have already been distributed to my current School?

To be considered for financial assistance at UW-Stout, you must add UW-Stout’s financial aid code (003915) to your FAFSA @

Be sure to tell your other school that you will not be attending the next term so they cancel any financial aid you have pending.

Are there courses required for all majors?

Yes, all of our majors require students complete:

  • ENGL 101 Composition I
  • ENGL 102 Composition II
  • SPCOM 100 Fundamentals of Speech (public speaking)

Many schools require similar courses so students transfer them in. We do specifically require the public speaking course, however, and that is not always a requirement. We strongly recommend you take that course over an interpersonal communication course. Interpersonal Communications does not substitute for our Fundamentals of Speech course.

In addition, all of our majors require a math course. To find out which math course is required for the major you’re interested in, refer to the Math Sequence Chart [PDF]. This chart also provides the sequencing and prerequisites of courses that may lead up to the required math course. 

All majors also require at least one four credit natural science course with lab. Some majors require a specific natural science course. Please refer to the program plan sheet for your major area of interest accessible online via the Undergraduate Bulletin.

Will my credits transfer? (3 credit there vs 4 credit here)

All college level credits should transfer to UW-Stout in some manner. If you completed a course that was only a three credit course but UW-Stout’s course is four credits, you will only receive credit for the number of credits you earned at your previous institution. 

For example, most institutions offer a College Algebra course that is three credits. UW-Stout’s equivalent is MATH 120 Introduction to College Math I which is a four credit course. You’ll receive credit for our MATH 120 course, but only receive three credits because that is what you earned at your previous institution. The credit difference can be waived, but will have to be made up somewhere else in general education.

Remedial course work, introductory or orientation-related courses may not transfer unless an exact equivalent is offered at UW-Stout. This is typically only seen in an introductory math or English course.

Does my GPA transfer?

No, your GPA does not transfer. However, to be considered for "Graduating with Honors" from UW-Stout, a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.5 must have been earned in all credits completed at UW-Stout and additional credits accepted at UW-Stout, as indicated on your transcript and degree audit, from all previous institutions attended.


I’m accepted, now what?

Sometime in February for summer/fall admits or in October for spring admits you will receive an e-mail informing you that your transfer credit report is complete, how to access it via your Student Center as well as connecting you with an adviser to assist with registration.  Important information will also be available on the Transfer Transition web page.  

There are no negative implications if you register for and then decide not to attend UW-Stout. We do not require a monetary deposit of any kind. If after you register for classes you decide not to attend, you only need let us know in writing so we can inactivate your record and withdraw you from your courses.

When will I find out how my credits transfer?

During the Transfer Transition process (see "I'm accepted, now what") is when your official transfer credit evaluation is completed and you’re connected with an adviser for assistance on determining which courses you should register for in your first semester. 

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