• Nonresident tuition rates for children and grandchildren of qualifying alumni will be discounted 25 percent.

  • Qualifying alumni are biological or legal parents, grandparents or legal guardians, living or dead, who have previously earned either an undergraduate or graduate degree at UW-Stout.

  • Eligible students must meet all admissions criteria that apply to all other applicants.

  • An eligible student or the students qualifying parent, grandparent or legal guardian must be a legal resident from states other than Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Midwest Student Exchange Program states (Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Michigan, Missouri, Nebraska and North Dakota).

  • Return to Wisconsin students will pay all other fee (special course charges, room, board and other expenses) at the same rates as other students.

  • Return to Wisconsin students will not displace Wisconsin residents.

  • The program does not apply to graduate tuition and fee.

  • Student must remain in good academic standing.


  • Current non-resident tuition *  »  $16,689
  • Return to Wisconsin discount  »  $3,606
  • Return to Wisconsin tuition  »  $13,083

* Based on current full-time (15 credits per semester) enrollment.  View our tuition rates.

For more information, contact:

Joel Helms, Assistant Director of Admissions
Email: helmsj@uwstout.edu
Phone: 715-232-3485