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The Real Deal

We can’t wait to see you on the UW-Stout campus this fall! To help make your transition to Stout as easy as possible, here are a few brief pieces of wisdom for you to consider for your freshman year:

  • A Be spontaneous and try new things. College is a great time to try new things and spread your wings!

  • Student organizations are great! Join a professional organization related to your major. Many organizations and social groups are available.

  • Work on campus at something fun and unique.

  • Organize your life, school, room and finances. By establishing good habits now in how you organize your time and spend your money, you will be better prepared for your life after college.

  • Communicate with your instructorsWorried about a particular class? Introduce yourself to the instructor early on and voice your concerns. Stout professors tend to be incredibly helpful, but it is hard for them to help students if they don't know what's going on. Keep them informed.

  • If you are taking out student loans, take out only what you need as you will have to pay it back.

  • Leave your dorm room door open the first couple of weeks (when you're there) to meet your floor mates or other students passing through.

  • Make a conscious effort to introduce yourself to at least one person in each of your classes. It is a huge help to have a study buddy or someone to share notes with.

  • BlazeTry to avoid going home often, there are exciting things going on during the weekends!

  • Don't write off studying abroad or student exchange because you think you don't have the finances to go. Student exchange is an option for students to visit another university within the country and still pay Stout's tuition. Study abroad has a variety of student aid options available.

  • Explore Menomonie! There will be much more exciting things to do and see outside your dorm room. Check out the "Things to Do" tab next.

  • intramural footballGet into the game. Find a group of students that enjoy a similar sport as you (playing pick-up games of basketball, football, volleyball or racquetball can be a ton of fun).

  • Get a job. Research shows that student achievement is positively related to having a job. Plus, it teaches time management and multitasking, very crucial skills in the career world. Working on campus is another great way to meet people.

  • bikers on campusBring your bike or rollerblades. Both are great ways to get around campus and Menomonie.

  • Don’t bring all of your clothes — bring summer and fall clothes when you first arrive. When you go home for Thanksgiving, take those clothes home and bring back your winter clothes. It's a space saver.

  • Leave your CDs at home and bring an MP3 player.

  • Many things, like registering for classes, are determined by how many credits you have earned, so if you can come into the university with college credits it can be helpful.

  • Founder James Huff StoutStout is unique in the UW System because it is the only school named for an individual —our founder, James Huff Stout. It began as a part of the public school (Menomonie) system.

  • The most active ghost on campus is purported to live in JTC Hall.

  • See your adviser more than just once a semester on advisement day; they can be very helpful with more than just classes.

  • The Ask 5000 (computer assistance) desks are in Millennium Hall and Jarvis Hall Science Wing.

  • weathervaneThe UW-Stout logo is a stylized quill (a time-honored symbol for education) and is inspired by the weather vane on the Bowman Hall tower.

  • If you get distracted easily, sit in the front row.

  • In a hurry? The food kiosks found in several academic buildings are a great place to grab a bite when you're on the run.

  • On your first day of class, look for any signs on your way into the classroom, just in case there was a room change. You don't want to be sitting in the wrong class.

  • Study abroadStudy abroadeven for just a summer — is a great experience. College can be a great time to spread your wings and learn about a new cultural or explore you own culture in depth.

  • Try and room with someone new. Contact University Housing about meeting a roommate that shares your similar interests.