Melissa Perez

Marketing Coordinator
715-232-2276  • 

When you are given a name tag at a function,
does it go on your chest, hip, pants or someone else’s back?

It always goes on my left upper thigh.

If you could travel anywhere in the world tomorrow,
for one week, where would you go?

I think my answer changes daily – so two thoughts have crossed my mind. I’d like to travel the beaches on the Gulf of Mexico between Mexico and Panama and experience the various cultures of Central America. More long term, I’m obsessed with House Hunters International and I was watching an episode where this family purchased a villa in a beach town in Turkey called Oludeniz. Ever since then, I’m thinking the Mediterranean Sea has a lot of beaches I definitely need to visit. Are you sensing I like the beach?

What would you rather read: fiction or non-fiction?  Why?
Neither. Give me an US Weekly or some celeb gossip magazines and I’m in heaven.

What is one of your favorite movies?
Dirty Dancing – hands down. I can recite the movie.

If you have to dress and leave quickly, what is the one thing you cut out of your routine?
A shower…hahaha!!

What do you prefer to drink with your breakfast?  Coffee?  Juice?

What is your favorite sandwich?
My absolute favorite sandwich and always has been is: soft white bread, Colby cheese, thin sliced oven roasted turkey with miracle whip.