Technology and Science Education


The Technology and Science Education program offers students a major teaching certification in technology education and a major or minor certification in biology, chemistry, or physics. There are no other colleges/universities in the state of Wisconsin that offer a collaborative interdisciplinary degree in Technology and Science Education. Graduates will be certified to teach at the junior and high school levels.

High School Preparation

  • General admissions criteria

  • Writing, math and science skills
  • Some technical background in the areas of materials, energy and power, and communication, including some computer applications
  • Upper level science courses


  • Industry and technology junior and senior high teacher
  • Vocational/technical school teacher
  • Junior high science teacher
  • Biology teacher
  • Chemistry teacher
  • Physics teacher

This is a relatively new program at UW-Stout — career employment and salary statistics are not yet available.

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Explore Your Courses:

» Sample Freshman Schedule

Freshman English – Composition or Freshman English – Honors I
Introduction to College Math II
Introduction to Technology and Science Education
Materials and Manufacturing I
General Psychology

Freshman English – Reading or Freshman English – Honors II
Elementary Statistics
Welding and Casting Processes or Machining Metal Forming Processes
Science, Society, and Environment
Information and Communication Technology
Health and Physical Education


See our Undergraduate Bulletin for more information on these courses.

» Courses You May Take in the Major

Education Psychology

Introduction to the psychological aspects of the educative processes. Emphasis on application of basic psychological principles to teaching. Focus on learner, learning process, and the teacher as an agent for change.

Foundations of Education
The study of education and schooling through philosophical, historical, sociological and curricular contexts.

Introduction to Technology and Science Education
Survey of technology and science teaching, including teachers' responsibilities, curriculum, literature, current issues and organizations associated with the profession and teaching within K-12 schools.

Materials and Manufacturing Processes
Manufacturing processes, material properties and their selection for product functions. Structure and characteristics of metal, polymer/wood, ceramic and composite materials will be examined.

Laboratory and Classroom Management in Science and Technology
Laboratory and classroom management strategies, conflict resolution, syllabi, paperwork, grading, communication, managing facilities and equipment, purchasing, maintenance, storage, lab and material safety, safety equipment, liability, and negligence.

Design for Industry
Industrial Research and Development experiences focusing on problems related to product development, innovation and problem solving, manual, semi-automatic and automatic production processes. Development and application of various systems for selection of materials and processing will be studied.

Welding and Casting Processes
Lab intensive class utilizing various processes and parameters in the welding and foundry areas.

Curriculum Methods and Assessment for Science and Technology
Development of rationales, goals, content outlines, outcomes, objectives, activities, and assessment items.


See our Undergraduate Bulletin for more information on these courses.


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