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A degree in Real Estate Property Management is designed to prepare you to manage properties for a fee for the owners of a wide variety of residential and commercial properties. These properties can range from public housing, apartments, and condominiums to community associations, vacation properties, offices, industrial parks, and shopping centers. Classes taken by REPM majors will draw from areas of business, management, construction, service management, retail and hospitality. Also, new courses in marketing, leasing, diversity, social issues, feasibility, investment, ethics, and real estate law have been added. The focus within the  curriculum will give UW-Stout graduates a competitive advantage within the field.

High School Preparation


  • Site manager
  • Property manager
  • Regional manager
  • Asset manager
  • Leasing agent

This is a relatively new program at UW-Stout — career employment and salary statistics are not yet available.

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Explore Your Courses:

» Sample Freshman Schedule

Freshman English – Composition or Freshman English - Honors I
Introduction to Property Management
General Psychology
Introduction to College Mathematics
Arts and Humanities general education

Freshman English – Reading or Freshman English – Honors II
Science, Society and the Environment
Technology Elective
Arts and Humanities general education
Health and Physical Education
Fundamentals of Speech

See our Undergraduate Bulletin for more information on these courses.

» Courses You May Take in the Major

Introduction to Property Management
Property management industry overview: types of residential and commercial property managed and career paths within the industry. Understanding relationships among property managers, owners and tenants.

Business Writing
Written communication in business: practice in writing memos, letters, electronic correspondence, reports and other practical communication.

Principals of Real Estate
Examine real estate issues relating to property ownership, financing, land use control, transferring interest in real estate through real estate contracts and deeds, leasing and managing property and understanding agents' pre-license and brokerage requirements.

Principals of Marketing
Retail, wholesale, advertising, channels of distribution, cooperative marketing, pricing, marketing research and marketing legislation from consumer's, middleman's and manufacturer's standpoint.

Maintenance Management
Organization and management of fixed asset maintenance systems including organizational structures, work control systems, computerized maintenance management systems, preventative and predictive maintenance, energy systems analysis and human resource utilization.

Real Estate Market Analysis and Investment Analysis
Analytical tools used for decision making by property managers and the stakeholders they serve. Market and investment analysis and role in providing a financial perspective for the property manager and owner.

Real Estate Law
Legal relationships involved in real estate law including owning, leasing, managing and selling interests in real property.

Organization Leadership
Addresses the leader's role in accomplishing organizational objectives through the management and development of followers. Concepts of organizational and individual behavior serve as a foundation for the development of leadership skills such as communication, motivation, leading, team building, building credibility, and conflict management.


See our Undergraduate Bulletin for more information on these courses.


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