Plastics Engineering


This program prepares students to be able to apply an integrated understanding of the scientific and engineering principles underlying plastics structure, properties, processing and performance.  A Plastics Engineer has to design a product that meets certain specifications while keeping costs to a minimum, as well as address other issues such as outdoor weatherability, thermal properties such as upper use temperature, electrical properties, barrier properties, and resistance to chemical attack. Graduates will pursue careers in manufacturing, materials science, product design, research and development, mold and/or tool design, failure analysis, process simulation, quality sciences, and/or experimental design.

The Plastics Engineering program is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET.

High School Preparation

  • General admissions criteria
  • Enrollment for this program is competitive and require further academic achievement. Be sure to review that section when reading the general admissions criteria page.

  • Upper-level math, chemistry, physics
  • Early development of computer skills


  • Plastics engineer
  • Design engineer
  • Manufacturing engineer
  • Process engineer
  • Sales engineer
  • Controls engineer
  • Project engineer
  • Molding engineer
  • Plastics quality engineer

Average beginning salary for UW-Stout graduates in this major — $59,000
100% employed in 2012–2013

View our Annual Employment Report for more details.

Explore Your Courses:

» Sample Freshman Schedule

Freshman English - Composition or Freshman English - Honors I
Fundamentals of Speech
Calculus I
Introduction to Engineering Materials
Introduction to Plastics
Engineering Drawing I

Freshman English – Reading or Freshman English – Honors II
Calculus II
College Chemistry I
Introduction to Injection Molding
Introduction to Polymers

See our Undergraduate Bulletin for more information on these courses.

» Courses You May Take in the Major

Calculus I
Functions, limits, continuity, bounds, sets; the derivative of functions and applications; exponential, logarithmic, trigonometric and inverse functions. Not open to those with credit in MATH-154, MATH-156, MATH-157 or MATH-158. Students may incur incidental expenses for software.

Introduction to Engineering Materials
Exposure to engineering materials, their properties, and behavior. Topics will include: material types, testing, mechanical properties, heat treatment, and material selection. Students are expected to have had H.S. chemistry.

Thermodynamics & Heat Transfer
Application of thermodynamics and heat transfer fundamentals to the design and analysis of manufacturing processes and systems.

Introduction to Plastics
Examine basics of molecular structure, mechanical behavior, and rheological properties of plastics. Overview of plastics processing, new technologies related to processing, post-consumer-life, and introduction to ASTM/ISO standards used for testing and materials characterization.

Injection Molding Technology
Injection molding process parameters, part and tooling design, materials selection, quoting, rapid prototyping, troubleshooting, and cycle time reduction efforts. Laboratory experiments for understanding various technologies associated with injection molding of quality parts.

Engineering Graphics Fundamentals

Fundamentals of engineering graphics: principles, standards and graphic language necessary to communicate technical information on industrial drawings. Includes appropriate software, visualization, geometric concepts and dimensioning basics.

Machine Vision and Robotics
Design of machine vision and industrial robotic applications, including cost justification.

Engineering Economy
Source and application of funds: cost control, valuation, depreciation, replacement theory and taxation.

Undergraduate Bulletin for more information on these courses.


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Adam Kramschuster, Ph.D.
Associate Professor and Program Director
229 Jarvis Hall Technology Wing
University of Wisconsin-Stout
Menomonie, WI 54751-0790

Phone: 715/232-1221

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