The Construction program produces leaders with the organizational, analytical, technical and communication abilities to direct the most complicated construction operations. The program is unique because it is oriented toward understanding the construction process as well as the business and management of construction. Career opportunities can be in the residential or commercial sector as well as in infrastructure. Professional opportunities for construction graduates include project management, estimating, scheduling, safety, architecture, engineering and project supervision.

High School Preparation


  • Project manager
  • Estimator
  • Risk control manager
  • Facility manager

Average beginning salary for UW-Stout graduates in this major — $51,000
100% employed in 2012–2013

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» Sample Freshman Schedule

Composition I or Freshman English Honors I
Construction Industry Orientation and Documents
Architectural Graphics
Elementary Statistics
Fundamentals of Speech

Composition II or Freshman English Honors II or Honors Seminar II
Light Construction Methods And Materials
Architectural Technology
Calculus I
Contemporary Issues Selective

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» Courses You May Take in the Major

Architectural Graphics
Architectural drafting with emphasis on drawing theory and delineation. Drawing media and equipment are utilized in solving problems relating to construction that are normally solved graphically.

Light Construction Methods and Materials
The building process, terminology, codes, materials, safety requirements, tools, and equipment used in the construction industry with emphasis on residential and small commercial structures.

Construction Technology
Technology of constructing buildings, bridges and other structures, including: site preparation, foundation systems, superstructures, enclosures, utilities, finishing methods, and materials.

The Built Environment
Construction and its relationship to resources, materials, and the culture in which it takes place. Discussion of significant historical and modern structures. Emphasis on how, why, and by whom structures are built and what can be learned from them.

Architectural Design
Develop graphic simulation techniques and problem-solving abilities; site planning, space requirements, housing codes, structure, light frame construction, solar and earth integrated designs, mechanical and electrical systems.

Architectural Technology
Space programming and planning, working drawings for commercial and industrial buildings. Building codes, energy requirements, construction contract documents, structural materials and systems, building materials and systems.

Heavy Construction Methods and Equipment
Introduction to commercial and industrial building systems: equipment, site preparations, footings, foundations, formwork, concrete, steel, and wood timber techniques.

Concrete and Masonry Technology
Fundamental principles of cement and concrete (ingredients, mixing, placement, finishing, curing, properties, and applications); clay and concrete units (ingredients, properties, manufacture, placement, and application).

Site Engineering
Use of surveying instruments, techniques, computations and computer technology used to measure and describe land configurations; construction surveying including contours, grades, cut and fill, and drainage.

Contract Requirements and Specifications
Principles of contract requirements and construction specification organization. Development of basic skills of project manual preparation. Demonstration of role of specifications within the construction process and relationship to other construction contract documents.

Project Scheduling and Cost Control
Total concept of construction industry: contracting, financing, bidding, planning, organizing, coordinating, and controlling functions and techniques.

See our Undergraduate Bulletin for more information on these courses.


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