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The Business Administration program at UW-Stout develops the qualities that the business world is looking for today in college graduates — interpersonal skills, ability to solve problems, high energy level and good judgment. This program emphasizes written and oral communication and computer applications. You'll get exposure to all facets of business — management, marketing, manufacturing, accounting, finance, economics, personnel management, international business and law. In addition to taking general business courses, you will explore one of the program's emphasis areas to supplement the basic program. The emphasis area includes such areas as construction, packaging, graphics arts management, risk management, quality management, foods, tourism or apparel manufacturing and others.

This program has a three-year graduation option.

Students can concentrate their studies in these areas: 

  • Supply Chain Management » Learn to manage materials, information and finances as they move in a process from supplier to manufacturer to wholesaler to retailer to consumer.

This major is also appropriate preparation for entrance into a law school.

High School Preparation


  • Sales representative
  • Factory quality auditor
  • Account manager
  • Senior account analyst
  • Materials analyst
  • Programmer supervisor
  • Assistant manager
  • Owner relations analyst

Average beginning salary for UW-Stout graduates in this major — $42,000
99% employed in 2012–2013

View our Annual Employment Report for more details.

Explore Your Courses:

» Sample Freshman Schedule

Freshman English - Composition or Freshman English - Honors I
Finite Math
Intro to Business Administration
General Education Selective
General Education Technology Selective
Health and Physical Education

Freshman English – Reading or Freshman English – Honors II
General Education Selective
Science Selective
Health and Physical Education

See our Undergraduate Bulletin for more information on these courses.

» Courses You May Take in the Major

Introduction to Business Administration
Basic business systems processes, their interrelationships and role of business environment. Business Administration Program: advisement, course sequence and job opportunities.

Understanding Business
Concepts, functions, and interrelationships of various subdivisions of service and production organizations.

Fundamentals of Business
Fundamental exploration of contemporary business practices. Emphasis on case studies and computer simulations related to external business conditions impacting the organization.

Principles of Management
Basic managerial functions: planning, organizing, staffing, directing and controlling; management principles with universal applications; nature of authority and responsibility, departmentation, line and staff relations; enterprise manager in the social setting, comparative management; and management and the future.

Principles of Marketing
Retail, wholesale, advertising, channels of distribution, cooperative marketing, pricing, marketing research and marketing legislation from consumer's, middleman's and manufacturer's standpoint.

Professional Selling and Market
Overview of selling as a profession; building relationships; the selling process, including prospecting, preparing, presenting, handling objections, closing and servicing accounts,; developing markets; and territory management.

Sales Management
Comprehensive survey of sales force management; organizing, staffing, and training a sales force; directing sales force operations; sales planning; and evaluating sales performance.

Procurement, Sourcing and Supply Chain Management
Processes used in procuring goods and services; analyzing and selecting global sources of supply; economics of total cost of ownership; importance of quality, delivery, ethics, and legal aspects of supplier management; negotiation principle.

Business Law I
Introduction to the nature of law, the legal system and the judicial process; also includes contracts, sales of goods and agency.

Principles of Real Estate
Overview of transactions in real estate, examination of the law as it relates to nature of real property, interests in real property, acquiring ownership, brokerage, real estate sales contracts, financing, land use control, and leasing and property management.

Management Information Systems — Decision Support Systems
Improving the practice of business management through utilization of computer software based management information systems (MIS). Employs spreadsheet software as an aid to management in making, implementing and controlling decisions.

International Logistics
International logistics strategy: customer service, inventory, transportation, packaging, warehousing, storage, exporting, licensure, joint ventures, ownership documentation, terms of trading, organization, financial and management skills.


See our Undergraduate Bulletin for more information on these courses.

B.S. in Business Administration

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