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Art teachers need to demonstrate knowledge of visual art and design, art and design history and visual culture. Art teachers need to understand how to plan art lessons which are challenging, appropriate, and that allow students to think critically and imaginatively. Art teachers need to demonstrate communication and leadership skills and can foster positive classroom learning environments. They need to develop their teaching skills in K-12 public school settings, work with a diverse population, and with diverse learners in the classroom.

High School Preparation


Graduates are licensed to teach art in a K-12 setting. However, students will also organize many artifacts in an e-Portfolio so one could also pursue a career as an artist.

Average beginning salary for UW-Stout graduates in this major — $28,000
100% employed in 2011–2012

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» Sample Freshman Schedule

Introduction to Art Education
Two-Dimensional Design Foundations
Freshman English or Freshman English – Honors I
Concepts of Math
Fundamentals of Speech
Health and Physical Education

Three-Dimensional Design Foundation
Drawing I
Freshman English – Reading or Freshman English – Honors II
Analytical Reasoning
Foundations of Education
Exploring Photography


See our Undergraduate Bulletin for more information on these courses.

» Courses You May Take in the Major

Introduction to Art Education
Introduction to the Art education field, responsibilities of art teachers, literature, and current issues in the profession.

Preteaching Observation
Examination of K-12 art teaching methods and practices through on-site observations, discussion and related coursework. Required 30 hours of K-12 art classroom observation.

K-12 Art Education Theory, Methods, and Practice
Theory, methods, and curriculum development in art education including K-12 art teaching practicum in selected elementary and secondary art classrooms.

Drawing I
Study and application of the principles and mechanics of descriptive freehand drawing using black and white media.

Two-Dimensional Design Foundations
Principles and elements of two-dimensional design and their application to the foundations of visual expression.

Three-Dimensional Design Foundations
The study of the principles and elements of three-dimensional design and their application to the foundations of visual expression.

Sculpture I
Introduction to sculptural concepts.

Ceramics I
Basic design and techniques of ceramic production for artist/potter; forming, firing and surface treatment.

Art Metal I
Design and construction of jewelry and objects in precious and non-precious materials with relationship to human interaction.

Introduction to the concepts and techniques of printmaking.

Survey of Art – Ancient Through Medieval
The painting, sculpture, architecture and minor arts in the ancient western world.

Survey of Art – Renaissance through 20th Century
Sculpture, painting, architecture and minor arts of western world from fourteenth century to present.

Evolution of Design
Examination of basic concepts which influence the evolution of architecture, art and design.

See our Undergraduate Bulletin for more information on these courses.


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