Interior Design


The Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Interior Design at UW-Stout prepares you for careers in interior design and related industries. Students learn residential and commercial interior design and also take courses in computer drafting, construction, studio art, art history and lighting design.

High School Preparation


  • Residential Interior Designer
  • Office/Corporate Interior Designer
  • Space Planner
  • Retail Designer Interior Designer
  • Sustainability Specialist (LEEDS)
  • Hospitality Interior Design
  • Health Care Interior Design

Average beginning salary for UW-Stout graduates in this major — $33,000
96% employed in 2012–2013

View our Annual Employment Report for more details.

Explore Your Courses:

» Sample Freshman Schedule

Drawing I
2-Dimensional Design
Survey of Art: Ancient-Medieval
Computer Assisted Design and Drafting
Freshman English – Composition or Freshman English – Honors I
Fundamentals of Speech

3-Dimensional Design Foundations
Drawing II
Survey of Art: Renaissance – 20th Century
Architectural Graphics
Freshman English – Reading or Freshman English – Honors II
or Honors Seminar I

See our Undergraduate Bulletin for more information on these courses.

» Courses You May Take in the Major

Drawing I

Study and application of the principles and mechanics of descriptive freehand drawing using black and white media.

Three-Dimensional Design Foundation
The study of the principals and elements of three-dimensional design and their application to the foundations of visual expression.

Design Concepts and Problems
Comprehensive understanding of the processes, techniques, and concepts used by designers to arrive at innovative and successful design solutions.

Interior Design Studio I
Experiential study of the fundamental principles and elements of interior design and their application to a range of residential design projects. Projects emphasize residential space planning based on functional requirements, application of various elements of design, and design communication methods.

Interior Design Contracts and Codes
Study of interior design professional practice, industry regulations and product specifications.


Intro to 2D Digital Imaging

Creative use of digital imaging technology in the visual arts; exploring the development of 2D imagery for both printed and electronic formats incorporating type, vector and raster graphics using layout and composition software.


Interior Furniture Design

Design and construction of contemporary furniture.


Human Body and Form

Study and application of human factors to the design of products. Understand the human body and its limitations to create a product that is comfortable,safe, and easy to use.

See our Undergraduate Bulletin for more information on these courses.


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