UW-Stout's curriculum is a careful combination of practice and theory. It's a balance of career-focused content and liberal arts, designed to help you respond to change and grow personally and professionally. In addition to classes in your major, the university provides course work that develops your capacity for critical judgment and expression, and your understanding of aesthetic and ethical values. UW-Stout emphasizes career preparation. Nevertheless, it places a high value on liberal studies. This balanced approach helps you develop more fully.

The university stresses learning through involvement. Facilities are balanced almost equally between classrooms and laboratories. You can test theories you learn in the classroom through work with real problems in well-equipped laboratories and off-campus opportunities.

To keep abreast of change in business, industry and education, curriculum undergoes constant review and change. Innovation in the classroom by both staff and students is encouraged.

Because UW-Stout offers 42 undergraduate programs, it can concentrate its resources to provide better facilities and a greater selection of courses, and attract a highly qualified teaching staff. Some of our programs are among the largest in the world.